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The ultrasound AR-trainer teaches you quick and efficiently (and scientifically proven) the motoric skills, that you need for the clinical ultrasound. After the download and installation you need to print out the tracker.

The tracker is used by the app to place the patient on top. To see your patient you place the tracker in the US mode of the app in front of your camera. Flat for a lying patient, on the wall for a standing patient and if you turn it 90° the patient is on it's side.

After starting the app you choose the organ you'd like to scan. To see your patient you place the tracker in the US mode of the app in front of your camera. Once you move your camera onto the patient the image will change to the US mode and display the inner organs. Now you can place the patient in your preferred position.

To record your development, you take an image anytime from any angle. The next lesson 'guided scan' guides you to the 'right' planes for the documentation. In the upper left corner you find our guiding tool (a red circle with dot).

The white circle marks the 'ideal' plane, once the red guiding tool turns green (and the dot) its a good time to document your findings. Once an image is taken the second plane is displayed. After documenting the two planes you can double-check the images, discard and redo or if satisfied check your personal log.

In the last step you scan several patients and document your findings. But you are all on your own. No guide or feedback in between the cases. Once all images are taken you get rated on the image quality..

Like real life it is a challenge to get all images right, but skill comes with practise ;-)


Version 1.3.3

- Updated application screenshots
- Small changes for certificate


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