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Ulysses es un entorno completo para escribir en Mac, iPhone y iPad. Su experiencia de escritura agradable y sin distracciones, junto con su gestión de documentos eficiente, sincronización sencilla y exportación flexible hacen de Ulysses la mejor elección para todo tipo de escritores.

++ Ganador del Apple Design Award 2016 ++

«La aplicación es alucinante. Usarla es una delicia. Muy buen trabajo.»
– David Hewson, escritor de éxito (The Killing)

### Una máquina de producción de textos
El editor de Ulysses, con sus funciones de marcado y su ausencia de distracciones, te permite centrarte en tu labor más importante: Escribir, editar y seguir escribiendo. El formato se deja para más adelante; así podrás centrarte por completo en el texto. Las herramientas optimizadas de Ulysses abarcan todo el proceso de escritura, y su interfaz limpia y sencilla aumentará tu productividad. Desde el primer borrador hasta el texto final, desde el prólogo hasta el último capítulo… Ulysses te ayuda a mantener la inspiración y obtener resultados.

### Todos tus textos, siempre disponibles
Todo lo que escribas queda guardado en la biblioteca unificada de Ulysses. Puedes gestionar proyectos de todos los tipos y tamaños, ya sean novelas, diarios o notas de estudio: siempre se guardan y sincronizan automáticamente. Y como Ulysses ofrece paridad entre macOS y iOS, no importa dónde estés o cuándo llegue la inspiración: Todas sus herramientas, y también todos tus textos, están siempre al alcance de tus dedos.

### Revisor y asistente editorial integrado
Escribe con confianza gracias al sistema de comprobación de gramática y estilo integrado en Ulysses. Disponible en más de 20 idiomas: analiza el texto y te ofrece sugerencias justificadas sobre el uso de mayúsculas y minúsculas, puntuación, semántica, redundancia, estilo, etc.

### Crea ebooks, DOCX, PDF y HTML
La exportación de Ulysses es suficientemente flexible para cubrir todas las necesidades de cualquier escritor: Transforma tu texto en vistosos archivos PDF, documentos Word o ebooks. O exporta código HTML listo para usar en cualquier web. Incluso puedes escoger entre una variedad de estilos de formato predefinidos para todo tipo de usos, o bien crear los tuyos propios y compartirlos con otros usuarios.

### Publica en WordPress, Ghost y Medium
¿Escribes un blog? Ulysses ofrece el mejor sistema de publicación en WordPress, Ghost y Medium. Puedes publicar en WordPress y Ghost desde la propia app con imágenes, etiquetas, categorías, etc. Publicar en Medium es igual de fácil. Las tres formas ofrecen una previsualización integrada para que revises el texto antes de publicar.

### Precios
Ulysses requiere una suscripción. Ofrecemos planes de suscripción mensuales y anuales. Incluyen una prueba totalmente funcional para que puedas probar Ulysses (incluyendo las funciones de exportación y sincronización). También hay un descuento especial para estudiantes.

Todos los planes desbloquean la app en el Mac, iPhone y iPad, y ofrecen sincronización completa.

### Preguntas
Visita para obtener más información. También puedes contactar con nosotros en o en Twitter: @ulyssesapp – Estaremos encantados de escucharos.

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Versión 23.1

Esta actualización soluciona varios problemas de estabilidad que aparecieron en la versión anterior.

Si te gusta la aplicación, por favor valórala o, aún mejor, escribe una reseña. Es una forma estupenda de apoyar a desarrolladores independientes como nosotros. ¡Muchas gracias!

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1,8 mil valoraciones

1,8 mil valoraciones

va.....av ,

Needs to ditch markdown!

I love Ulysses and I’ve been a paid purchaser in the past and a paid subscriber currently. I even have their T-shirt!
That said, I am concerned about two things: 1) it’s high time Ulysses ditches Markdown. Markdown is fine for basic notes, I guess, but for real writing, especially academic writing, you need basic word-processing features like Italic and underline (sounds basic, right!?!) without those childish asterisks littering your document and messing up the spacing. That’s just the most basic complaint — there would be more about footnotes, reference management, etc. Ulysses needs to outgrow Markdown.
2) I’m concerned that the developers are spending time trying to implement syncing strategies other than iCloud (which works perfectly). This seems a waste of resources and it is going to add unnecessary clutter and complexity to the app. I am one of those who fled Scrivener because the developer L&L stubbornly sticks to Dropbox, which is notoriously a scammy app. So instead of fixing what needs to improve (dependence on markdown) the developers are trying to fix what is not broken (iCloud). Alas, if this direction continues, I cannot seem myself renewing my yearly subscription next time around.

toddhunt ,

Helpful or hindrance?

We are already a family of published writers, my mom writes everything in longhand and I fell into using MS Word as my word processor. With today's world events I decided to get a MacBook Pro laptop and dedicate it to the sole function of being my writing typewriter- no other apps installed but one, my writing page. I gave both Ulysses and Scrivener fair and equal auditions. As a writer my opinion is neither of them is necessary and both of them are too fussy and end up getting in the way more than being useful. My advice is to use a word processor like Word, Pages or similar in its least obtrusive mode for your first and subsequent drafts and when you are ready for and serious about publication have the final draft reviewed, edited and formatted by a professional service or only THEN buy a software tool to assist you. Between Scrivener and Ulysses the former has the edge of offering the writer a more comprehensive toolkit but it's learning curve is daunting. Ulysses loses by their ridiculous decision to be a subscription product. Why? How much could they possibly "improve" a word processor year over year? Plus the fact that they burned me by billing my Apple account for a full year without my knowledge or approval after I already determined I didn't want it and deleted it. It seems they are more interesting in grabbing my wallet than being of any use to me as a writing tool.

Respuesta del desarrollador ,

We are sorry you feel that way. What type of editor a writer prefers is a very personal choice eventually. However, there is a crucial difference between a markdown editor (like Ulysses) and a “What You See Is What You Get“ editor (like Word, Pages, or Scrivener): Ulysses distinguishes between writing the text itself and formatting it during export to enable a distraction-free writing environment. Furthermore, you get incredible organizational opportunities, fully customizable export, the ability to set writing goals and to publish blogs in an environment that allows you to fully focus thanks to a simple and intuitive interface. As to our subscription-based business model, please be assured that we did not take the decision to move to subscription lightly. Not only was it necessary so we can keep developing the best version of Ulysses possible, it was also a necessary step for us to survive as a company. You'll find more details why we switched to subscription here: Regarding you being billed by Apple for a yearly subscription: We are sorry about this! We are merely utilizing the standard App Store trial provided by Apple which can be canceled anytime up to 24 hours before the trial period expires. The yearly subscription comes with a 14-day trial which should be more than enough to check out our app. We opted for a free download with in-app purchases so we can offer a fully-functional trial in the App Store and there is no other way to realize this. A list of available subscription options is also displayed in the app's description (under the heading “Subscriptions“). Should you have any questions about the subscription options or using Ulysses in general, please contact us via —Andrea

sharpening ,

Where’s my data...

It was nice while it worked. However it appears all of my data is gone. On my iPad pro In the non-subscription app, everything says “Downloading”. In the subscription app, everything says “Downloading”. ON my iPhone it says there’s nothing in iCloud. It does not make me feel any better to find out others have had similar issues, and that the developer basically says on their site that it is not their fault because they have limited visibility into how iCloud works or any iCloud logs. It hurts even more when I see they say that they do not store your data in iCloud - as in iCloud is not a backup service but is only for synchronizing between devices??? Really? That’s why have have 2TB just for syncing between my devices? Anyway - it appears all of my data is gone no matter what I do. All of my other apps update right away - but theirs I can wait hours and it still says “Downloading”. Nice! What a feature! To think I bought the app and less than a month later they changed to subscription - and based on confusing e-mails from them I ended up paying full price again - wonderful - and then to find out they cannot even make sure I still have my data months later. Wonderful! I did not know how good I had it before I used their service. Great markup. Easy to use. And evidently easy to lose all of your data too.

Respuesta del desarrollador ,

We are very sorry about the problem you're experiencing. Backups are not stored in iCloud to avoid synchronization conflicts, but locally on each device. Would you mind checking if your sheets could be restored from the automatic backup with the instructions outlined at Also, could you please contact our support team again ( We would be more than happy to look into your iCloud logs once more and find the cause for the syncing problem, so you can continue to work with Ulysses.–Lara


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