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Klaus Fecker

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Chromatic tuner for all instruments like guitar, bass, woodwinds, violin, cello, banjo, saz, mandolin, oud, ukulele, viola and many more…


- Capo Simulation
Put a capo on your instrument and still get the results you're used to.

- Accurate cent readout with direct feedback.
No more guesswork about reading your tuner from bass to highest note with 1/10th cent accuracy.

- Chord Detection
Strum multiple strings at once and get the name of the chord being played. Freeze a root and see the position of a note in the root's chord. Fifth, fourth, minor/major third and so on.

- Tone Generator
Use the tone generator to tune your drums or tune your instrument by ear. (Sinewave-, Triangle- and Square-Wave)

- Audio visualization (spectogram)
Get an overview of your instrument's harmonic spectrum

- Timeline
Get a visual representation of the pitch in cents of the detected note.

- Customize the concert pitch
Ranges from 220 Hz to 880 Hz.

- Over 120 tunings for string instruments including:
Piano, Cembalo, Woodwinds, Guitar, Baritone, Baglama, Banjo, Tenor Banjo, Bass, Cello, Cuban Laúd, 3 course Dulcimer, 4 course Dulcimer, Fiddle / Violin, Kora, Koto, 4 String Mando bass, 8 String Mandobass, Mandolin, Oud, Pedal Steel Guitar, Spanish Laúd, Piano, Ukulele, Baritone Ukulele, Bass Ukulele, Soprano Ukulele, Vihuela, Viola, Zheng.Create and store your own tunings and instruments

- Choose a tuning for open tunings or historical instruments
Just Intonation, Just Intonation II, Just Intonation (Barbour), Pythagorean, Meantone, Aron, Bach/Klais, Barca, Kellner, Kirnberger II, Kirnberger III, Rameau, Rossi I, Rossi II, Salinas, Silbermann, Vallotti, van Biezen, van Zwolle, Werckmeister III, Werckmeister IV, Werckmeister V, Werckmeister VI, Young I, Young II, Zarlino.

Create and store your own custom temperaments.

If you like playing in open tunings, try and set the Universal Tuner to Just Intonation and to the root note of your tuning and be amazed by the different sound quality of a pure tuning.


Version 2.2

- Improvement of the detection algorithm

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

2.9 von 5
8 Bewertungen

8 Bewertungen

djragsdale ,

Best free tuner, but occasionally crashes

It's hard to find a free tuner app that will let you pick input devices. Occasionally this app crashes when changing that input. Once I get it receiving the input from my audio interface, it works great.

Yeshua_OurComingKing ,

Could be good, but needs work!

Learning to tune pianos.... Not an easy thing to do, especially when the tuning app won't pick up the high and low octave. The pathetic chinese one on my older iphone works much better to pick up the sound than this software does.

As I'm using a 2020 Macbook Pro, the problem really can't be the microphone. I mean, c'mon, the mics in these things are amazing. However, even were that the case, it won't let you select another audio input without purchasing the 'upgrade'! I'm sorry, but I am not going to buy a software that hasn't worked well yet, in hopes that it's 'premium' version will!
All this to explain, that it doesn't work for me. Hopefully it will work for you, because if so, it's better then investing $50 in a higher end software. (which is what I will probably be doing)

aeouaoeu ,

Huge potential with this great tuner

I bought it right away. Very few apps have this level of professionalism; the developers of this tuner have started something sweet.

The developers even published well written documentation for their app! Amazing!!

I just hope they aren't finished yet. There are a few minor features that I'd love to see.

1. I really need the ability to create and save my own custom tunings. This app doesn't have any of the tunings that I'm currently experimenting with, so that's frustrating.

2. I really need to tune lower than 428 for the concert pitch. That sounds strange, but I play classical guitar and I simply cannot tune up to New Standard tuning without lowering the relative pitch. Several other tuner apps go as low as 400 hz.

I also play electric guitar with 13 guage strings, which has led to similar issues with needing tune down.


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