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UpSignOn is a complete, simple and free password vault for private individuals.

It's also a 100% French password safe that respects privacy and complies with the GDPR.

PERSONAL VAULTS (100% free):

Designed with the highest standards of confidentiality and security, PERSO vaults are suitable for non-business use, in families or for very small teams.

Your data is stored encrypted on your devices. Your devices synchronise using end-to-end encrypted communications via a so-called zero-knowledge, zero-trust server. We don't even know your email address. We could open up access to the server to any hacker without creating any security problems for your data or personal information.

These vault are completely free and there is no limit to their use.


Designed for teams of all sizes, these vaults are hosted on a SAAS or On Premise server. Each vault is associated with an email address, so there's no need to manage trusted contacts to share secrets, as is the case with PERSO vaults. In addition, PRO vaults are linked to a supervision console managed by the IT team, enabling them to monitor changes in the strength of employees' passwords.

Of course, the secrets stored in PRO vaults remain unreadable by server administrators.


- record your password secrets with urls, logins and associated notes
- record your digicode secrets with associated notes
- record your bank card and IBAN secrets
- customisable password generator
- synchronisation on all your devices (the application is compatible with all platforms)
- password protection for your vault (optional in PERSONAL mode)
- biometric unlocking (optional)
- multi-factor authentication by design (you need to know your master password AND be on an authorised device).
- Automatic form filling in all applications via keyboard suggestions / browser extension
- Management of multiple vaults/users
- CSV import
- CSV export
- folders and sub-folders to organise your accounts
- password security indicator
- creation of shared zones with your trusted contacts (PERSONAL mode) or with your bank's PRO vaults (PRO mode)
- forgotten password procedure with a trusted contact (PERSONAL mode) or via your email address (PRO mode)
- data recovery in the event of loss of all your devices via a trusted contact (PERSO mode only)
- data backed up on a SAAS or On Premise server (PRO mode only)
- supervision console for your employer (PRO mode only)


Version 7.3.3

Fixes to the Safari extension (automatic registration) :
- fixes the modification of a password for a shared account for a PRO vault
- adds a mechanism to ensure that a password will not be proposed in the list of unsaved passwords if it already exists in a vault, to correct the behaviour observed on some sites

Confidentialité de l’app

Le développeur UPSIGNON a indiqué que les pratiques de l’app en matière de confidentialité peuvent comprendre le traitement des données comme décrit ci‑dessous. Pour en savoir plus, consultez la politique de confidentialité du développeur.

Data Not Linked to You

The following data may be collected but it is not linked to your identity:

  • Usage Data
  • Diagnostics

Les pratiques en matière de confidentialité peuvent varier selon les fonctionnalités que vous utilisez ou selon votre âge. En savoir plus

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