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Designed to provide a safe space for people to manage their mental health.

With UrSpace, you gain better access to mental health information and services provided by reputable mental health organizations such as the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). UrSpace also provides you tools for tracking changes in your mood and medicine you use.

The app has a set of virtual companions for you to choose from. Your favorite virtual companion will sometimes communicate with you and provide you with support and comfort.

Help Me: The “Help me” button on the home page has a list of local mental health urgent care service providers’ phone numbers and the emergency line (911).

Mood Tracking: Every day, when you first open the app, your favorite virtual companion will greet you with “How do you feel today?” If you are feeling good that day, you will be given the option of recording your thoughts via text, photos or voice recording so that you may look back on them in the future. The Mood History graph will show your change in mood over time.

Events/My Schedule: Shows available local mental health events, including support group activities, and allows you to add events of interest to your schedule.

Calm: This breathing exercise provides you with periods of respite.

Track: Here, you can record medications you take, set medicine reminders, and keep records of medicine usage.

Explore: Under the Explore section, we provide the following:

1.Care Centers: where you will can view a list of local or online mental health service providers. You can also give ratings and write reviews for service providers.
2.Stories: where you will find informational mental health videos and articles.
3.Resources: where you will find books and online resources related to mental health.

Multi-Language Support: This app supports both English and Chinese.

To protect the identity of users, the phone number used to identify the user is encrypted. This app can also be used in complete anonymous mode if you choose not to provide a phone number. In this case, all personal data will be stored locally on the device and can be lost should the device be damaged.


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