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Introducing the next generation website builder –™ is a professional web design tool, built with RetinaHD templates and real-time web publishing to unlimited free domains.™ Website Builder is unique in the sense that you pay for the app once and receive limitless access to creating unlimited websites, domain names, templates, themes and much, much more.

Create your website in minutes using one of our Retina-responsive™ templates, and then access it in real-time using one of our custom domain names – free with every site.

To help get you started,™ comes with our signature RetinaHD Templates Library that provides a vast, unlimited selection of website designs to choose from – optimized for any device or screen size. Constantly updated to match industry-standard, each template is built using the latest in HTML5, CSS3 and JS frameworks.

• Create a website and get a free domain
• Choose from a vast library of templates to get you started
• Design your website by utilizing the power of the Grid
• Move, resize and modify objects on the live page in real-time
• Edit objects, such as text, directly on the page
• Drag and drop new elements to the page from the builder menu
• Create and publish entire HD websites within minutes
• Use instant publishing to see your changes reflect on your live domain
• Use themes to customize each high-def template
• Customize objects with the Inspector Tool (eg. apply Google font to text)
• Add your own pictures and video to the Media Library
• Integrated FontAwesome icons library into the builder
• 100s of Google fonts, as well as custom font support
• Code editor with syntax highlighting for advanced users
• And much, much more...™ – known for its drag and drop simplicity, yet powerful under-the-hood functionality – allows for an easy website building experience, but in a fraction of the time of a standard website builder. Build your pixel-perfect website with one of our Retina-responsive™ designs and have it published to the web for free in minutes!

• Retina-responsive™ designs with RetinaHD support
• Optimized for any device or screen size
• Parallax, fade in-out and many more animation FX
• Built on the Bootstrap 3 & 4 Frameworks

Our professionally designed templates and themes will make starting from scratch a non-existent process. Then customize your theme by editing directly on the page or by dragging and dropping new elements to your site from the side menu.

• Built ready for the Grid
• Logo and navigation bars
• Titles, headers and body text
• Responsive and parallax cover photos
• Image objects and interactive galleries
• HTML5 video players (local, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)
• Icons by FontAwesome
• Pricing and feature tables
• User login, signup and management
• Customizable buttons and progress bars
• Contact and support forms
• Lists, panels and grouped boxes
• Custom code objects for embedded content
• Google's material design

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Are you new to web development? Not a problem! Building a website is now easy as selecting one of our many predesigned templates, apply your favored theme and use the page builder to fill in your content with the drag and drop elements provided.

Are you more of an experienced web developer?™ can help you design professional websites for your clients in a fraction of the time with our live source code editor. See your HTML, CSS and JS changes reflect instantly on the page.

Free with every site,™ allows you to publish each of your websites to a custom domain name in real-time. Enable the Live Publishing feature in your builder's settings and watch as your changes are reflected instantly to your live domain.

Start building today. It'll only take a few minutes to get your first site up and running!

What’s New

Version 2.0.2

Get ready, UWeb for iOS is right around the corner! In this update, we introduce a bunch of new cross-platform features to ensure total compatibility with iPhone and iPad – come their release.

What's New in 2.0.2?
• Ready iOS compatibility
• Ready iOS cloud sync
• Cross-platform features
• Cross-platform fixes

Introducing UWeb 2, the next-generation website builder!

With over 100 new features, builder templates and 300+ updates to the existing features that you've come to know and love – we think that you're really going to enjoy the 2nd generation of UWeb.

We're just finishing up UWeb for iOS and expect to release it within the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

Two years in the making, UWeb 2 offers a slue of new functionality for building the perfect, modern-day website. The all-new UWeb comes with a completely new look, dark mode, a brand-new website builder (with live highlighting & selection in the new Code Editor 2.0), FTP Manager 2.0, custom domain integration (transfer your .com today!) and much, much more...

What's New
• Dark mode
• UI redesign
• Custom domains
• Website manager
• Live code editor
• Advanced SEO editor
• Real-time analytics
• Custom menu manager
• Page layout manager
See all 100+ new features on

• New builder templates
• New Code Editor (2.0)
• New Link Editor (2.0)
• New UWeb Builder (2.0)
• New Menu Manager (2.0)
• New (S)FTP File Manager (2.0)
• New responsive layout manager
• New analytics integration
• New coloured theme integration
• New responsive media resizing
• New site menu functionality
• New contact forms functionality
• New keybinds for undo, redo, etc.
• Updated to latest libraries
• Updated content boxes & tables
• Updated drag & drop functionality
• Open published websites in Safari
• Bootstrap 4 support
See all 300+ updated features on

Bug Fixes
• Fixed user settings
• Fixed user avatar issue
• Fixed mobile responsiveness
• Fixed page duplication issues
• Fixed page SEO not saving
• Fixed element positioning
• Fixed background elements being
• Fixed undo/redo functionality
• Fixed user registration issues
• Fixed an issue with lost passwords
• Fixed issues with an active page
• Fixed media manager issues
• Fixed issues with blank templates
• Fixed double-loading of custom elements
See all 500+ bug fixes on

Expect to see a number of new updates over the next few weeks as we finish developing new features, new templates, as well as bug fixes. Here are some updates to expect in the coming weeks:

Coming Soon
• UWeb for iPhone & iPad
• More builder templates
• More builder elements
• Walkthrough & how-to guides
More details on our future plans can be found at

Please be sure to report any bugs found to!

Ratings and Reviews

Land Ho FIlms ,

Run away, fast and far, from this app

My website authoring needs are very very simple, because I find building websites to be much like sticking an icepick in my head, so UWeb seemed like a perfect choice to create the sort of simple utilitarian site I can manage. I rolled the dice and paid my $10.

The very third action I took on my first site was to insert a graphic image. It stuck like glue to the left side of the page. No options anywhere to change the orientation to center. Assuming I was missing something I consulted the help system, which is an endless loop of links to tutorials which keep sending you back to the beginning of the loop. Searching for "image justification" literally returned no result.

So I decided to create a trouble ticket - even though I really wanted to create this DIRT SIMPLE page today for some testing I was hoping to do, I was willing to wait however long a reply would take and create a ticket. Now, when you first open the app you create an account with an email address and password, and the "Build" section of the app showed that I was logged in. Even though the support system exists within the app itself, it required me to log in to the support part, and didn't recognize my email address!! I verified again that the app knew my email address, but I was unable to create a ticket because Support didn't recognize the same address.

So now I'm at a complete dead end, and I've lost two hours that I'll never get back again. No option left except to leave this review and start looking again for another offline web builder. If anyone from UWeb sees this, I'd really love to get my $10 back, but I'm not holding my breath.


Justin Bush
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macOS 10.12 or later, 64-bit processor



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