vCoolture 4+

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Ignacio Ortiz de Zuniga

Diseñado para iPad

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Provides all the functionality of the audio-guides in a more intuitive and flexible way. With iBeacons technology for indoor positioning. Platform for museum of any size.

This App is practically useless if it is not used inside a museum that is attached to our platform. However, you can always take a virtual tour to see its possibilities.

vCoolture is a software platform that allows museums of any size to offer audio-guide services and much more. Includes:

- 3D navigation
- voice audio
- videos
- text
- text to speech locution
- surveys
- search and guide to any work of art
- search by cartel number

To make the visit more interesting, vCoolture can include a gymkhana-type game called 'Enigma' and a Quiz designed especially for the younger public.

vCoolture uses iBeacons technology to locate the visitor indoors, so it needs Bluetooth to be activated. However, it can also be used without iBeacons.

vCoolture requires an Internet connection.

Multi-language: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Catalan and Basque

All the design of buildings and rooms, the management of all the multi-language information of all the works of art and their location in the different rooms is carried out by a very easy-to-use desktop application that is delivered free of charge to the participating museums.

vCoolture is fully optimized for use on tablets.

Privacidad de la app

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Data Not Collected

The developer does not collect any data from this app.

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