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VDraw is an illustration software for Mac OS X. With VDraw you can quickly add vector drawing and illustration features to your documents.It is comprehensive, powerful and complete, go the whole hog and drop it in as a complete vector drawing solution.

1. A general-purpose "drawing" data model consisting of unlimited layers organised hierarchically.

2.Built-in shapes and path objects, and various derivations of them to cover most typical needs.

3.Standard grid layers supporting object snapping and any "real world" measurement system you need.

4.Built-in gradients, vector pattern fills and hatches.

5.Interactively edit any bezier path.

6.Image objects support all the formats that Cocoa itself supports.

7. Group objects to any degree of nesting. Groups can be rotated, scaled and moved like any shape.

8.Tool-based drawing, editing and selection operations.
Export to PDF or any raster image format, as well as its own keyed archive format.

9 .Built-in Undo,Text objects.

10.Various caching and quality modulating techniques to improve performance when interacting directly.


版本 1.2.2

1.add global drawing property
2.space bar to pan
3.fixed few bugs

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