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Adding great-looking subtitles to your videos has just become super simple:
1. Import or record your video
2. Automatically generate captions
3. Fix any words or misspellings, quickly and easily
4. Pick the right style
5. Boom! Great-looking captions, ready to be shared anywhere

Subtitles (or captions) help you reach more people with your video, and increase engagement. With captions, everyone can watch your video, even if they are hard of hearing or have their sound muted.

- Automatically add subtitles to your videos
- Captions available in 50 different languages!
- Quickly edit any words
- Make your captions stand out with styles
- Use an existing video, or record a new one
- No need to upload your files, just import them from your storage
- Trim your videos
- Change the aspect ratio of your video so it’s ready to be shared to any platform

VEED.IO is the simplest way to create great-looking videos on the web, now we are bringing that same power to your iPhone. To start, we’re focusing on our famous auto-captions feature, but we won’t stop there! We want to make the best mobile video editing app around, so we’ll be eagerly listening to your feedback to help take this app to the next level.

We are excited about this new step, and we hope you are too!

ما الجديد

الإصدار 1.3.0

Big new release: 1.3.0!

In this version you can now:
- Edit text on the screen, as well as via the timeline. Both stay in sync
- Create linebreaks from the timeline
- Style your text (color, bold, italic, underline)

We also improved the overall workflow, to save you a few clicks.

We'll add more styling options and some of your requested functionality soon!

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Dianabriceno ،

Fast, easy, and sooo accurate!!! 😍

I’ve tried literally DOZENS of subtitling tools and this one is the next best thing next to having an actual human transcribe what you’re saying.

For context, I’m a content marketer and creator so I’ve tried my fair share of apps and they’re usually like 30-50% accurate.

I’d roughly say VEED was about 95% accurate. Any mistakes were really easy to fix in the text editor. I was able to add subtitles really quickly in my workflow. Upload/record, wait a few seconds, quick edits, pick a style of captions, and you’re all done in in just a few clicks.

Definitely gonna be using this for my IG Reels and TikToks especially since the IG captions sometimes come out blurry and are usually only like 70% accurate.

Highly recommend and can’t wait to see what else gets added to this app in the future 🥰

استجابة المطور ،

Hi Diana, thanks for your review. We are hyped that we could solve your problems with captions. We'll be adding exciting updates soon!

Arcane_Vanity ،

Excellent for a free app!

This app is super useful. It’s crazy how many apps are charging $5 or even $10 per month just to generate captions when this one does it for free!!

Has everything you need to add basic captions to your video, definitely recommend.

استجابة المطور ،

Thanks Arcane_Vanity! let us know what else we can do to make your videos look great

amazing disruptors ،

Waste of money and time

I have spent hours doing my project in VEED and suddenly the website will say “error” and you will loose all your work. And I thought that was a “one time problem” no… it happened again many times, I got really tired and end up crying because my project has to be ready tomorrow and VEED made me loose the whole day that today Of course I canceled my subscription and I will stay overnight with a new website. And when I contact customer service it says “am sorry we don’t work during weekends “….

استجابة المطور ،

Hi there, sorry to hear this. Did this happen on our app? Or on our website?
You can reach out to and we'll see if we can get this sorted!

The app is free, so not possible to waste any money there 😅

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