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Welcome to the most secure and private instant messaging app you’ve ever seen on your iOS phone.
Vernam IM is a free and secure messaging app for iOS devices that is based on the unhackable Vernam cipher to make sure no data is collected and all your personal data is safe on your own device and the recipient’s device.

So, if you are into such instant messaging app and looking for a secure and private messenger service, download Vernam IM on your iOS device, choose a nickname and start chatting with your family and friends without ever being worried about any kind of personal data collection, being disturbed by targeted ads,
and no messaging history stored in any server.

- A secure messaging app powered by the most powerful encryption protocol:
Vernam IM, the secure and reliable messaging app for iOS, comes with a clean and neat design and
the interface is so user-friendly that you will get the whole idea as soon as starting to communicate
with your friends in the private chats.

The high-quality graphics, extreme security measurements, full encryption using an unhackable Vernam cipher, no data collection, no registration process, and intuitive interface are just a few reasons that make this messenger app your #1 choice when it comes to finding the most secure and private instant
messaging service on iOS.

- No registration required:
Nothing can identify the user. There is no trace of your email address or phone number. Simply pick
a nickname and you are ready to send and receive messages privately and securely.

- There is no server and no data is ever collected:
Unlike all the available messaging apps, no server is in the middle of the connection, and no personal data
is ever collected. On this secure messaging app for iOS, the user’s Dropbox folder is used to transfer data between 2 devices.

- There is no history storage for your messages:
Since there is no server controlled by the app developer in the middle, no message history is stored on any vulnerable storage. You can send and receive text messages, voice messages, and picture messages securely and privately, while you are completely sure no messaging history is going to be stored in any external storage and a server.

- The encryption keys exchange goes through the QR code:
Using this reliable way even a quantum computer will never hack your messages.

Vernam IM, the secure and private messaging app for iOS, delivers everything you should expect from
such communication apps and it even sets the bar higher by offering a super confidential text messaging experience even in the coming quantum computing era. And since the entire features of this messaging
app are available for free (for 14 days), there is no harm giving it a try and explore the features for yourself.

To find out more visit: https://vernam.im

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Оценок: 4

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Очень крутое приложение!!всем советую!!!


Nikolai Zinkovich
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Требуется iOS 8.0 и новее. Совместимо с iPhone, iPad и iPod touch.

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