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Videoloupe is an advanced video player offering an extensive set of features for video playback and video analysis. It offers advanced playback controls, multi-video synchronized playback, frame sequence exporting, comprehensive keyboard shortcuts, trackpad gestures and so much more.



• Playback multiple videos at once to determine the best take.
• Verify video focus and sharpness with up to 500% magnification.
• Export videos with timecode overlay.
• Perform lossless trimming.
• Use extensive keyboard shortcuts to quickly preview videos before importing into an editor.


• Export frames from videos to share as images.
• Re-live moments with slow-motion playback.
• Export marker timestamps for personal use in other applications.


• Analyze technique using video-on-video overlay.
• Find performance differences with the timing component.
• Watch multiple athletes or sessions side-by-side using synchronized playback.



• Control playback of multiple videos using a single playback controller.
• Step, scrub and seek videos while maintaining their respective playback positions.
• Simultaneously adjust playback position on multiple videos using group markers.
• Independently set each video's initial playback time.


• Use the stopwatch timer to measure elapsed time independant of the current track time.
• Compare timers between synchronized videos to calculate offset times.


• Make basic color corrections and adjustments using common sliders and controls.
• Apply creative effects like sepia and black & white.
• Use third-party LUTs to apply film and scene looks.
• Use RGB waveform scopes to analysis color balance and range.


• Export a single frame, sequential frames or all frames within a time range.
• Use timelime works to define the range of frames to be exported.
• Batch export frames from multiple videos at once.
• Supported formats: JPEG, PNG, TIFF.
• Include timecode, frame counter or watermark overlay.


• Export multiple videos to a composite video for easy playback and sharing.
• Adjust playback rate on exported video to speed-up or slow-down playback.
• Choose from various dimensions for exported video.
• Lay out videos horizontally, vertically or as a grid in a composite video export.
• Use timelime markers to specify time range to be exported.
• Add a lead-in title and sub-title to exported videos.
• Quickly perform lossless trimming of videos.


• Browse media on an iPod, iPad or iPhone using the built-in device browser via USB.
• Download videos and photos from a device for playback within Videoloupe.
• Files downloaded with Videoloupe can be used in any other application.


• Use track markers to quickly reposition playhead during playback.
• Use markers to define keyframes and time ranges to use during image sequence exporting.
• Export marker timestamps to CSV or JSON.


• Audio Waveform Visualization
• Video track thumbnails
• Timining Marks


• Frame stepping
• Rotate 180 degrees during playback for videos shot upside-down
• Bi-directional playback rates of 1x, 2x, 5x, 10x, 30x and 60x
• Bi-directional slow-motion playback rates of 1/2x, 1/4x and 1/8x
• Bi-directional and variable rate track scrubbing with trackpad gestures
• Multi-level video zooming up to 500% durive live playback
• Skip forward and Skip backwards by 1, 2 or 5 seconds
• Extensive support for keyboard shortcuts and trackpad gestures


• OS X 10.12 is required.
* Includes TouchBar Support
• Synchronized playback performance is heavily dependent on CPU, GPU and hard disk speeds.
• Videoloupe does not include any additional video codecs other than those included with macOS.

What’s New

Version 1.2.1

* Fixed bug in timing display that would incorrectly round the elapsed time.
* Fixed bug that prevented TouchBar support in certain versions of macOS.
* Improved compatibility with macOS 10.14

Ratings and Reviews

3.8 out of 5
5 Ratings

5 Ratings

marlowe310 ,


Very helpful at a handful of editing/tweaking/media cleaning tasks, and a nicely-scalable interface.

Only complaint: I've been waiting 2 years for the addition of custom default export settings with no luck. Not the end of the world, but having to manually reset multiple settings every time I export does add up to a non-zero amount of frustration.

Hopfully 2019 is the year!

Flipped ,

It's my go-to video swiss army knife.

I've been using VideoLoupe almost daily for over a year (I bought it from developers site when it wasn't on the Mac App store). It's been a critical tool to my daily workflow both as a Pro video editor & also just as a Mac user that needs to view/scan/mark/export portions of videos or stills from videos (but to be clear it does WAY more than just those, that's just what my workflow most often requires). It's a super handy & lightweight tool to do a TON of tasks with video clips without having to go into a heavy app like Fina Cut or a mess like QuickTime X. For me, Videoloupe started to fill the void that Apple left behind when they let Quicktime 7 Pro die. Videoloupe hasn't covered ALL the things QT7 did so your mileage may vary depending on what you need, but it covers enough low hanging fruit to warrant taking a close look if you work with video clips. It's hard to explain how much it does because it's really a Swiss army knife and it's features are extensive. I love that the developer has given the user a bunch of tools & controls without oversimplifying to the point of uselessness, even if it takes a little exploring on the users part at times. I use only a portion of Videoloupes options and it's well worth the price to me. If you're an editor - it's a no brainer to give it a try. If you're a more moderate Mac user take a look too but know that there's a slight bit of a learning curve (but seriously don't let that scare you - the developer has a free trial on their website).

tchas1949 ,


Needed a video viewer for types that QuickView ignores. This isn't it.

Developer Response ,

Videoloupe is a native macOS app that is built on top of Apple's media libraries. It doesn't claim to support third-party formats that macOS doesn't natively support. This is stated on Videoloupe's website. For those curious, there's also a free, fully-functional demo version you can download before making a purchase to see if Videoloupe (and macOS) supports your videos.


Corduroy Code Inc.
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macOS 10.12 or later, 64-bit processor



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