Virtual In the midst of a hectic urban neighborhood, Mom is up and ready to take on the day. You’re the boss here. Take care of tough tasks like managing all the household activities at once! Get all your daily tasks done in time to progress to the next day! If you fall behind, your family will, too! This game is all about micromanagement and multitasking. Wash the monstrous mountain of dishes. Prepare your kids’ breakfast and lunches, and get them ready for school. Take care of the gardening in the backyard, clean the car, feed and walk the dog, vacuum the whole house, and more!

Step into the shoes of a mom’s daily life. This game plays on the element of surprise. Expect the unexpected, as surprise events will pop up during your routine, and make your day much more difficult! The completion of every level increases the variety and difficulty of tasks.The life of a mom is demanding. Don’t let your family down!

Be a SUPERMOM for your family!

Virtual Mom Happy Family 3D Features:
• High Quality 3D Graphics
• Awesome Sounds for Maximum Fun!
• Smooth and Easy Controls
• Addictive Game Play
• Super Cool House Environment
• Family Woman Life Simulation
• Daily Household Tasks Based Missions to Complete


Versione 1.9

New Levels Introduced.

Valutazioni e recensioni

4,1 su 5
1.398 valutazioni

1.398 valutazioni


Awesome game, amazing graphics, but could be improved😁

I just got this game today and I love it! The graphics are so realistic, even my dad said so, and almost never says that! My fav part is making dessert! I would still say that there could be some improvements. I would like:

-Ability to drive the car to places
- Other random people and neighbors (and preferably ability to interact with them)
- Maybe not have levels and just quests with a tab you can pull up to see your quests and get a notification when new quest come?
- Ability to run in house
- Maybe a different channel on the tv for the kid
- More options for things to wear ( shoes, skin color, hair,etc.)
-Please have the mom go to the cash register to buy the dog food or it seems like stealing and i don’t like stealing 🙂
- MULTIPLAYER!!!!! Role play as a kid, mom, or dad with your friends!!!
- The mom walks really weird so please fix that
Thank you for reading this! If you are a developer, then please consider these improvements you could make for your app. If you decide to do these ideas and reply, I’ll happily give it five stars! Thank you!! 😀

Thing u probably didn’t notice and can tell your friends: doesn’t the moon emoji on apple look like Tomas the Train??? 🌝=Tomas

dhdhhddhhsusyy ,

Not good

Okay the game is by far just to easy and has to many problems in the second level I just kept getting stuck in the same place and this one problem happened in every level I always could not figure out how to move that is one way how I got stuck on other problem is the clothing On the daily prize I got lipstick and I began to get my new outfit on and the lipstick was not there also you have to stay in the same outfit unless you want to pay actual money or you have to watch a add. I wanted to watch the add but the add does not work. Last problem is you have to follow footprints everywere you go and that is just annoying that your character follows the footprints perfectly and then you go on to the next level with the same footprints also you do not get to go onto the second episode unlesss you want to pay money the whole game is just some company wanting you to pay a lot of money and then figure out you do not like the game and you wasted that money do not get this game.

Horses and dags are the best ,

Pretty good game

Overall it is a great game but some things need to be improved. First there needs to be more clothing options that don’t cost money because my mom and dad don’t let me spend money on games. Next I do not like walking back and forth trying to kill the bugs on the bug level. You could also change the 2 episode to watching a video at least. Why does the mom walk so weird to. And the fact that there isn’t more stores to buy things. You could make it to where you could earn money to buy things by doing tasks as a mom. Why can’t you have babies either.

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