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I Ching author: Paul O'Brien.

Success and happiness arise from how well you manage the changes in your life, the quality of the decisions you make. The I Ching, or Book of Changes, is a sophisticated divination system that will help you make better decisions and enjoy perfect timing, as you achieve or receive what you want or need. The Visionary I Ching is a modern, non-sexist version of the ancient oracle that will stimulate your intuition, provide timeless wisdom and show you how to develop any situation or resolve any dilemma.

When using Visionary I Ching, find a quiet place and take a minute to calm your mind. Get clear about the situation or decision on your mind and enter it into the app as a topic (not a question). Then cast the coins. The reading you produce will provide uncanny insight as to what needs your attention at this time. Be receptive, read between the lines, and allow connections to become clear. The guidance of the I Ching will activate and resonate with your intuition. If you get even one outside-the-box idea or inspiration that helps you make a strategic or creative decision, the I Ching has done its job!

You can use the Free version of the app as an ad-free and time-unlimited "Lite” version. Afterwards, if you are suitably impressed, you can upgrade it to unlock the full version in order to access Changing Lines and the "Future” hexagram (for the cost of a couple Cappuccino’s).

Key features:
- A modern and inspiring version of the I Ching
- 64 beautiful paintings to illustrate each hexagram
- Can be used as a complete I Ching reference
- You can cast an authentic, but limited, reading and access all the art for free! To cast a full reading including Changing Lines and a Future hexagram, it is necessary to ‘unlock’ the full version of the app (i.e. to purchase a one-time upgrade).

For more information on how to get the most benefit from the I Ching for visionary decision-making, visit the non-profit Divination Foundation website at

Note: This version is both compatible with iPhone and iPad. Unlock it just once, to enjoy the full version on all your devices!


Version 3.3

- New, enhanced texts
- Other fixes and improvements

Notes et avis

4.7 sur 5
283 notes

283 notes

Monk Yunrou ,

Elegant and inspiring

I cannot speak to the family-sharing function problem, but as far as using it and enjoying this app, I would say it’s worth every penny and then some. An Oracle like the I Ching (really a deep philosophical work) asks of us not only regular use and familiarity with the mechanics of divination but also requires a certain mindset and mood for best results. In service to cultivating such a mood, many serious practitioners employee meditation and imagery. The imagery in this app does help the process and I admire the little touches such as the way the coins shake. There are many versions and interpretations of the hexagrams to choose from but the ones provided are clear and pleasing and ring as true as we can expect when translating ancient and foreign material. Overall this is a fine and useful product fully capable of becoming a regular companion in unraveling life’s knots and maximizing life’s opportunities.

FooYi ,

I Ching

I really enjoy using this form of the I Ching for further guidance and insight when making decisions. Sometimes it is just the impetus I need to move ahead or pull back from a situation. Of course I'm always including other pertinent information but somehow the coins seem to bring me to the right configuration of lines.
I will definitely continue using this app. Thank you for making it available. It is one less book to carry and/or try to find. Love & Light, B

Charles_in_Richmond_CA ,

Nice App. No Billing Support.

I am very upset with Indie-Goes Software, creators of "Visionary I-Ching" for their predatory payment practices, and failure to provide proper support or contact options on the app or on their website. The $6.99 price is steep. But it can get even steeper if you are tricked into paying twice or even three times.

Beware! You are supposed to be able to share with family members on their devices, but this software tries to charge us over and over. This is not supposed to happen.

We are on Apple Family Share. We have purchased the full version. Our daughter tried to enable the app, and we were CHARGED A SECOND TIME.

I am now not able to unlock the application on my wife's new iPhone without paying for a third time! I sincerely hope they will contact us, and fix this bug -- I am giving them the benefit of the doubt.

Bottom line: unable to get support from the app or its parent company. Have complained to Apple via email and has not received a response from them. I would like a refund from Apple or from Indy-Goes software for the extra charges, I request free install of the unlocked full-paid version on my family's iPhones if and when they decide install the app. Great software, please fix support.


Frederic Calendini
36.3 Mo
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Nécessite iOS 6.0 ou une version ultérieure. Compatible avec l’iPhone, l’iPad et l’iPod touch.



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  1. Visionary I Ching Full Version $6.99

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