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Create a 3D map for AR


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The MAXST Visual SLAM Tool is designed to help you with mapping object/space.
With Visual SLAM Tool and MAXST AR SDK you can blend 3D content with the real world and create immersive AR experience.

There are two main functions.

1. [Map Creation]: You can create map files by mapping medium scale (size 0.3m ~ 1.5m) object and space. MAXST provides Bounding Box and Pin UI that help you make more accurate 3D Map.

- Bounding Box specifies the mapping area. You can adjust Bounding Box size and position to fit your object.
- Pin indicates a specific location where you want to augment 3D content.

2. [Map Management]: You can manage the created 3D map files. In Map Management you can edit pins and share the map file in various ways.

You can load up map files at Unity 3D and render 3D objects wherever you like on them.

Please refer to MAXST Developer Site for more detailed instructions on how to use the key functions of MAXST AR SDK:

- Visual SLAM Tool app can only be used with SDK version 4.1.x or later. If you are using SDK version 4.0.x or earlier use MAXST AR Map Manager.

새로운 기능

버전 5.0.6

- bug fix.
- upgrade sdk version.

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