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Visual Yoga app will allow you to discover your hidden energy flow by helping you visualize the flow in the energy centers of your body during the performance of yoga poses. It can bring your yoga experience to a new level by deepening and strengthening your yoga practice.

Many yoga practitioners forget that yoga is not just a physical exercise. It is also an ancient practice that enables us to impact the part of the human body that you can’t see or touch, the subtle energy body. This occurs via the redistribution of life energy (prana) and the revitalization and balancing of special energy centers (chakras) in the body.

According to ancient Indian teachings, the performance of every yoga pose, called asanas, enhances the movement of internal energy (prana) in the energy centers (chakras) in the subtle energy body. Each energy center is associated with certain systems, organs, and glands in the physical body of man.

Thus, performing yoga poses activates the movement of energy in specific chakras, producing positive effects on the functioning of the body’s systems and organs associated with the activated energy centers.

Are the chakras and energy body real?

As we know from physics, we live in an ocean of wave energy invisible to our eyes. An easy way to verify the existence of the invisible ocean of energy waves is to turn on the mobile phone, radio, or television. In order to work, they must use the unseen, but real, electromagnetic waves.

Of course, our energy body consists of thinner and higher energy waves than the ones which are used in those devices. Chakras are special energy vortexes in our energy body which, like antennas, are tuned to its own vibrational frequency and used to receive and transmit certain energies in the environment.

There are 7 major chakras:

Root chakra
Sacral chakra
Solar Plexus chakra
Heart chakra
Throat chakra
Third Eye chakra
Crown chakra

Why are the prana flows and chakras important?

Some researchers believe that the human body gets no more than 30% of its energy from food; the rest enters the human body through the chakras, directly as energy. The ancient Indians called this life force prana.
A way to help understand that the level of human energy does not solely depend on the amount of food eaten, is to think about how small children may eat little but can run endlessly from dawn to dusk. Then look at adults who consume kilos of food but barely have any energy. For another example, look at the monks who eat very modestly but can do a lot of hard, physical work every day.

So, the ability of chakras to receive and transmit prana energy and the features of the prana flows define the level of energy in the human body and therefore human health.

Visual Yoga app depicts the intensification of the movement of energy in the energy centers and is intended to facilitate the visualization of these processes while performing yoga poses.

Features of the Visual Yoga app:

- 72 yoga poses in HD video* with detailed visualization of the prana energy and chakras activation

- Step-by-step instructions and descriptions of benefits for each pose

- Learn more about the connection between each yoga pose and chakras

- Create your own programs: choose the order of poses and duration of each pose

- 4 different backgrounds – Infinity, Space, Ocean, and Studio

- Five soothing music tracks available to create a peaceful atmosphere

- Available for iPhone and iPad

* For stable and fast downloading of videos, please use a high-speed Internet connection.

It’s well known that focus is one of the main requirements for achieving results in any activity. The higher the concentration on the activity, the better the results will be. Yoga is no exception.

Visual Yoga app is a great way to get new vision for your yoga practice, based on ancient yoga teachings.

Discover the hidden energy forces within yourself – download the free version of Visual Yoga app.

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Оцінок: 2

Brian26734 ,

Amazing idea

I like the idea that I can choose background music, background image, and poses. The graphics are amazing. Only problem is somehow it takes too much time to download videos.

Приватність програми

Розробник (Hennadii Bielan) не надав Apple інформацію про свої процедури забезпечення приватності та обробки даних.

Відомостей не надано

Розробнику потрібно буде надати відомості про політику приватності, коли він надішле наступне оновлення програми.


  • Сімейний доступ

    Якщо ввімкнено сімейний доступ, програму зможуть використовувати рідні (але не більше шести).

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