War in Europe is a fast turn-based land grabbing war game that is easy to learn but requires some planning and strategy to master. With the use of thousands of troops, planes, artillery, tanks, and warships you must defend your lands while conquering your enemy’s lands. Build up your fortifications while your artillery bombards your enemies, make alliances with other nations and control the sea areas with your navy. Victory will go to the one who can control enough land zones to fulfill the victory conditions. The game is ad free, and each game can be completed within one hour. Scenarios includes WW1, WW2, and a Free-For-All, the free version offers 12 small scenarios.

What’s New

Version 8.80

Improve some animations and images.
Drop the frequency of ads.
Balance the scoring and show score modifier on map view.
Nations will now not lose troops if they attack the same spot.
Add a FFA game.

Ratings and Reviews

4.3 out of 5
231 Ratings

231 Ratings

jdkjnskskzockxmnwjwksk ,

Fun but could use some more stuff.

First off I’m a really big fan of this game more so than most other games that’s in this genre. To me it’s the sorta game that you can play and win in a few hours or you can play for a few days in one scenario. I love that all the main countries are here for the respective scenarios but I’d like to play as smaller countries also like Poland. I feel adding a diplomacy and peace deals would add a lot to the game and bring in dynamic play-styles like you could try and turn the whole map communist as the Soviets through diplomatic meddling and espionage. Adding more land tiles would be good to because like France right now is just 3 tiles and I want to feel like I’m breaking through Belgium and blitzing into Paris as Germany instead of just moving one or two tiles over. Also adding in the smaller nations that are left out would be nice like Romania and Hungary because that adds in more potential team members through that diplomacy system I said earlier.

Now I’m not hating on the game I really do enjoy it but it could use more things here and there but I would definitely recommend this to map game players and I hope the developers keep working to improve it and update it and everything. And also on the plus side I haven’t had any glitches or crashes or insanely long load times so good job there guys.

Developer Response ,

Hi jdkjnskskzockxmnwjwksk,
Thanks for your great review, what can I say, I want to make a bigger better 'War in Europe' for you guys. BTW, I build this game myself in my spare time that's why there is a long time between updates. JohnG

Paeon me ,

Game is fun but terrible design with the alliances

The fact that you have no clue what the other countries are going to do and you have no clue if you will attack a province first or if they will has literally ruined every alliance I have had in this game. My allies will not use artillery and not attack for turn after turn and then as soon as I invade, my ally decides to attack.

I know in one of the responses the developer made in another review that was intentional, but the thing is the AI never accidentally attacks an ally, so even if it is intentional, it’s at least flawed.

In one scenario, I was playing as Germany in WW2 and my only ally is Italy, but I’m in a pact with the soviets. As the game progresses both the soviets and I invade the same Balkan region, so there goes that pact. Then the Swedes and the Spanish join the allies, and guess what Italy and I both invade a French region, so no more allies for me. It happens every game so it ends up being me vs everyone everytime.

Developer Response ,

Hi Paeon me, Thank for your review. In War in Europe alliances do not change. Once you are in an alliance that is it, it never changes. If you happen to attack the same land that your ally has just taken, then you may lose some troops but your both still allies. Pacts are different they can be broken at any time, In the WW2 scenario Italy and Germany are locked in an alliance that never changes. France and Britain are locked in an alliance. Spain, Sweden, and Turkey are neutral at the start of the game and will join one of the alliances at some stage and when they do they are stuck in that alliance. I think your report of events are an inaccurate account of what happened. I also don't understand why I would intentionally make your ally attack you? I suggest you read the rules and try playing the game again and see exactly what happens the turn after you have a clash with an ally. It's not the end of the game, it has happened to us all, good luck. John

backstabbing productions ,

Great game but it needs more

First off this game is 10/10 amazing and entertains me a lot in my spare time. However I think the game needs more smaller countries more tiles and also more smaller wars. Another thing when I play in the free-for-all can people be more open to becoming allies with me I will literally be the strongest nation in the world and no one will Ally with me. The thing that I would be most happy about adding to this game it’s probably adding onto World War II and World War I. For example, in World War I and World War II when the Americans join in, could support be given to Britain? Also, it says that America sends over convoys; could there be something to do with the U-boat problem and not all the convoys arrive to Britain. And I don’t really care if this happens or not but could you pan been included as something you can swipe the screen over to to see if they’re making progress invading Russia just give the Soviet union a little more trouble?Because they always completely sweep through Europe. Anyways, where are you at these things or not I still love the game and that’s why I rate this game five stars. Oh I also forgot to add, can you carry ships two other ports, for example if I’m Germany and I invade The British Isles can I please put my ships into London’s harbors?

Developer Response ,

Hi backstabbing productions, Thanks for the review, if Russia is alway winning then you should change your tactics (if you Britain), when I am Britain I always let them fight a little until one gets too strong then I attack him! I intend to make a bigger War in Europe in the future. Thanks JG


Wombi Pty Ltd
80.4 MB

Requires iOS 9.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.



Age Rating
Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence
In-App Purchases
  1. Purchase the game. $3.99
  2. 3000 credits $1.99
  3. Buy 10,000 credits $4.99


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