Waste and Chemicals Inspection Tool (Watch-IT)


This app is developed to support law enforcement officers when performing inspections of shipments of waste and chemicals that are covered by the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions and related regional agreements. It merely offers guidance and references and does not aim to offer legal or binding advice in any way, form, or shape.


Legislation can be complex and lengthy. This app zooms in on the legal provisions relevant for shipments of waste and chemicals during a first assessment by inspectors and law enforcement officers.

For example:

• What are the requirements for imports and exports of waste and chemicals?
• What are legal definitions of (hazardous) waste and chemicals?
• What is illegal traffic?


This app provides searchable databases with all annexes containing waste and chemicals, covered by the scope of international and regional agreements. You can search by waste code, chemicals code, customs code or name. It also includes a variety of references, such as guidelines and example documents.


It provides points of attention what to look out for when performing administrative and physical checks of shipments of waste or chemicals.

Some key features:

• Waste stream library – providing information and photos of 20 priority and /or problematic waste streams
• Database with hazardous characteric classes and symbols
• Contact database - containing contact details of environmental authorities and/or customs authorities, including links to their websites.


In case you notice any outdated information, gaps or errors in the information provided, or anything else you would want to share with us, please contacts us by:

Any feedback on the use of the app is also welcomed!


Versie 1.1.0

- Added and updated documents
- Content update


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