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Watch Tuner Timegrapher is a mechanical (automatic or manual winding) watch testing application. It displays a frequency diagram of the watch and measures rate, beat error, amplitude and beats per hour.

The application uses the build-in or headset's microphone to record audible ticks of the watch.

Use this application in a quiet environment. Any ambient noise can affect result accuracy. Complete silence is the best however noise cancelling algorithm can help to eliminate not very loud sounds.The recommended way to record the ticks is to touch the crown of the watch with the headset (earplugs) microphone.

If you don't need the frequency diagram, look at Watch Tuner app.
If you want to test only the rate accuracy, try Watch Tuner Lite.

If you have any questions, suggestions or any troubles using this app - don't hesitate to write me.


Version 1.23

- v2 tick detection algorithm update
- modified 'to much noise' indicator

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39 notes

Aaap qa ,

Gets the job done!

Not the most accurate timegrapher, but certainly gets the job done. Its results are not same as when you actually measure over day. However the adjustment you can make are reliable. I.e. you measure with this app and it shows +2s/d. But in fact my watch was running +4. Then using the app I set it to -2s/d. Now my watch is running 0s/d.
Does not work with back case on, you need to remove case.

BillSWPA ,

Useful if used correctly

Initially, I had far more failures than successes in trying to obtain good data from this app. Even worse, when using the built in microphone of my iPad, it magnetized my watch, causing a watch that typically runs at -1.1 sec./day to gain about 40 seconds in a day, and then to run about 5 sec./day slow. After purchasing a demagnetizer, my watch now appears to be back to normal. I also purchased an earbud with a microphone, and am having more success obtaining reasonably accurate results, keeping in mind that this is an inexpensive hobbyists tool rather than a professional tool costing hundreds of dollars. Although microphones do not create strong magnetic fields, speakers do create strong fields, and the speakers on an iPad are directly adjacent to the built in microphone. An iPhone appears to be a bit safer since the speakers and microphone are on opposite sides of the device, but caution would still be wise. Also, keep in mind that the earpieces of the earbuds emit a strong enough field to affect a compass needle, so keep the earpieces away when using the microphone. I would encourage the developers to revise their instructions to specify use of the earbud microphone only, and not the built in microphone.

Réponse du développeur ,

I'm sorry that the app doesn't work for you. I don't agree about the magnetic field. The ear pod microphone has a magnet in it but it is NOT strong enough (~200 microTeslas) to magnetize the watch nor to affect the watch magnetically. You could magnetize your watch in a different way. There was probably another problem with your watch as demagnetizing didn't help and it needed service anyway.

Watch wisperer ,


Someone put a lot of time and effort into this app. Thank you! If you can read and follow instructions then this app is going to work well for you. It does require some tweaking and experimentation to get an accurate reading from your watch. Be patient. You need dead silence. The app is very sensitive and will pick up the slightest sound like creaks in your chair or your joints popping when you get up and walk away. Mine picked up the dog walking around upstairs.

I was able to get my SKX to go from loosing 15 seconds a day to loosing 4 seconds a day. I’m very pleased with that. Once you figure out how to use it you’ll want to regulate everything!!

Great job on the app! Highly recommend!!

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