"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it" - Ferris Bueller.

Join the movement to save the moments today by downloading the WERSTARS app!

• Save the moments of your life, such as a picture, a video or any type of text
• Every moment that's saved creates a star in your Sky
• If you tag a user, the moment appears on their Sky as well on the same day and date
• Filter by users, so that you can see the shared moments of your relationships
• Filter by keywords so you can see just the times you traveled or just the birthdays of your life
• Easily see what happened in your life in a given year
• Swipe through your moments in chronological order
• Save moments publicly or privately (even shared moments)
• App syncs with your account on and any other devices
• Private & Secure cloud storage

Save & Celebrate The Moments

WERSTARS is a movement to save the moments. It's a a gratitude journal where you can save and see the story of your life. The birthdays, the accomplishments, the relationships...these moments are the stars of our lives. We're constantly in a state of looking around and seeing what's missing in our lives; WERSTARS is the opposite. The goal is to what you do have and what you have accomplished.

How It Works

With WERSTARS, you can see your whole life on one page from 'born' to 'now'. As you save a moment, a star is created on that corresponding day and date. Then tap the star to expand the moment. If you tag someone, the star appears on their Sky as well. Save moments publicly or privately. Moments can be text - like an inside joke you want to remember, a poem that moved you or a diary entry. It can also be an image or a YouTube video.

Eventually, you'll have a digital diary with a Sky full of stars. Then use the Elements Menu to filter through your moments, so you can see just the times you traveled or just the moments from one particular relationship.



Versione 1.0.56

Complete re-design thanks to the help of many hard-working people. The updates include:
-Cards scrolling for the moments screen
-New user dashboard
-Remodeled all forms
-Updated search functionality

Valutazioni e recensioni

5,0 su 5
3 valutazioni

3 valutazioni

elusive007 ,

What a beautiful way to store memories!

Love uploading photos and browsing the sky. It’s a great way to stroll down memory lane and save important photos all at the same time. Our family is hooked!

ShaunAn123 ,

Cool App

Really cool way to save photos. Love it. Filtering by keywords makes it really easy to find certain memories/photos, etc.

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