White Trip 4+

Appliss Inc.


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It is an endless run game the birds you control fly around in the winter sky.

【how to play】
Please drag the screen and let the bird fly around.
While touching the screen, the bird moves forward.
Only two things to be careful
· Please do not turn off the light
· Be careful not to bump into black birds and buildings

· Easy operation by sliding screen only
· Feeling like being really flying
· Numerous beautiful stages


バージョン 1.7

- Fixed a bug that prevented the ability upgrade

- Enemy collision detection has been reduced
- You can now select the presence or absence of bloom and the resolution in the settings screen to ensure comfortable play.
- Now supports 64bit
- Adaptive Icon is now supported.





Beautiful and Soothing

This is the most soothing game I’ve ever played by a large margin. Incredible soundtrack and graphics. I play one or two (only if the first crashes early) games each day after work, and it feels immensely gratifying. Personal best score is 33k.

For sure, the game leaves ample room for improvement. Tilt handling is perhaps too sensitive, and so does drag on an iPhone, but you can get very precise handling with an iPad and drag mode. Under certain themes and ambient lighting conditions, it can be difficult to distinguish either the prey or the trees. Ads can be turned off by toggling off data access. And, after all, it looks unlikely that the game will receive further development.

But again, this is the most soothing game I’ve ever played, and by a large margin. It works well on older model devices, as you can infer from its version history. Have fun with your nimble bird.


A beautiful app!!

I love this game! WhiteTrip is being adde dot my favorite games, and the music is super relaxing. The graphics are amazing and I'm on level two now. Almost level three! And somehow, I can't say anything bad about this game. And WhiteTrip (much like Minecraft) the world never ends, so you can play your whole life if you could. And I love that you named the levels different things! Silent Snow is a great name, because it is pretty...silent. The only thing that you here is the music!! And question: is EVERY LEVEL the same but just with different backgrounds? Love WhiteTrip! I am grateful for this app. Thanks!!!

Silverwing07 🌸

Great game, but...

Okay. So first off, the graphics, handling, and controls are awesome in this game. Seriously, it's got phenomenal graphics! And the soundtrack to the game is nice too! But I have one problem....I'm stuck on level 4 because my game keeps experiencing these random lag-spikes. It's a lovely game and I REALLY don't wanna get rid of it. When I have the lag spikes, it messes up my bird's control and then I always end up crashing into trees or Shadow birds because of the stupid lag! And sometimes it doesn't lag for some time but then it randomly starts again. Right now I seem to only be having the lag issue on Level 4: Blue Planet. Also, when the lag happens, my game crashes and has to be reopened. I've done this multiple times thinking it was because I had other apps open, but it isn't. Please fix the lag spike issue and I'll give 5 ⭐️'s. Thanks!


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