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Guess & Spell: Animals is an animal themed app for kids learning spelling. The app has a simple and fun gameplay and a scalable hint system to make the use easy or challenging enough for kids just starting their spelling or advanced readers. This LITE version has 50 images and words, and is free to use forever.


GRRAU! PURRR.. Lovely animals are here again. Guess & Spell Animals is a spelling game, where user first taps some blocks away to reveal the hidden image, and then tries to guess what the image is about. Next he/she tries to spell it by placing the correct letters in their spaces. If it gets too challenging, there hint system will help the child to succeed. No scores, no points, no coins. The built-in fun of the gameplay and beautiful images of beautiful animals keep the user's focus and interest in spelling the words correctly.

The app itself is VERY easy to use, so kids can manage with it all by themselves. The scalable and adjustable hint system makes the app suitable for wider age span of children, starting from pre-K kids all the way to 2nd graders with advanced reading and spelling capabilities. It is also a fun game to play together too, and see the joy of succeeding.

The Whopping Apps family has over a million downloads already since 2011. Guess and Spell: Animals is the latest addition into the selection, released in October 2015. Guess and Spell: Halloween was the first of the series, released in September 2015.


PLEASE NOTE! Watch the instructions video from the Teachers Menu, everything written below is explained there. You're taken to the Teachers Menu on the first launch and then You can access it by tapping and holding the "hat" button for five seconds. You can disable the Teachers Menu button from the device settings.

● Speech hint. If you don't guess the word by the image, you can listen the word. Words are high quality recordings by a fluent English speaker.
● Bomb away extra letters. You can throw some of the extra letters away to help spelling the word correctly.
● Place a correct letter. This hint puts a letter on its right place to help the spelling. This is something you can adjust a lot! You can disable the hint completely, or you can set how many letters are given per word (1-3). Or you can set that it gives enough letters, that user must guess at least 1 (up to 5) letter by him/herself, no matter how long the word is.
● You can disable or enable an individual hint completely.

● The dynamic hint system is the killer feature! Dynamic hint system brings more hints, when user is guessing wrong. After first wrong guess, the Speech Hint button appears, after 2nd guess the Bomb will appear and finally the Place a letter button – in terms of are they individually enabled or not.
● There are no limitations on tapping the blocks away, they're there just for fun and to ignite some self-challenging.
● Neither the words are not getting more challenging along the way.
● This LITE version has 50 images and words, starting from A to G. Follow the parents menu link to download the full version with 151 images and more selections for gameplay length.


◦ In-App Purchases
◦ Scoring system which has no point. Or Points. Well, there is no point for points! :)
◦ Complex layout or gameplay.


We’re a megacorporation start-up located in Silicon Valley. We have an annual billion dollar marketing budget and our team of app artists’ is making miracles everyday. ALL TRUE, except that we’re a one-dad-show with a child labour department of three small kids (4-6-8 years) and an understanding wife/mum. We make miracles weekly, when trying to organize the transportation of overlapping kids’ hobbies. We live in Finland and are otherwise OK. :)

Thank you so much for reading this far! :)


Versio 2.0

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

The app is completely new. All the way.

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7 arviota


Beautiful images but...

The app would have been perfect for young children if it did start with half a screen of external links... and the big lady bug Wikipedia button prominently resides at the bottom of the app constantly drew attention of the kids. I can disable the browser, etc. but there is no need to expose and confuse the little ones to ratings, Facebook, Wikipedia, and other apps. Move all external links into a 'for parents' button and make the Wikipedia button optional and you have a winner.

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