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版本 8.0

用Metal API重写。


2.8(满分 5 分)
405 个评分

405 个评分



I have tried really hard to like this game, but it’s just horrible. I have had it for about a week now and I have tried to play it every day. I STILL can’t figure out how to play it! I can’t even drive the Jeep! I do not understand how to play it at all. It gives me no directions at all! If your thinking about buying this game, I very much suggest not even trying it. It’s not worth your time.


Its hilarious and totally worth it. (But not the in-app purchases)

I dont think this game is seriously GOOD, but Ive been playing it since i was really little and it hold some sentimental value to me. I started playing at about six, if I’m estimating correctly, and I’m now thirteen. So, this game really stood the test of time for me and I’m glad its still playable on the knew generation iPads. The animal models and the way they run is hilarious to me, and i love spawning way too many gazelles and like, five lions and just watch the chaos unfold. I honestly don't want to be able to control the animals myself, but if i did, i wouldn't be willing to pay the money. I just like watching all the animals freak out, and that’s what counts. I’m learning animation right now, and screen recording each animal running in a straight line actually helped me improve my frame accuracy. I’d be genuinely excited for a new update to come out. I really liked the polar bears and penguins update. I originally got the game because i was obsessed with tigers when i was little, so it would be a really nice throwback to have tigers added. Just a little hope though. This game is great to me so many different reasons, none of which are really about the quality, but i like it.

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Suggestions for a update

These are some suggestions for a update better ai pathing more ai render distance when a animal die his body stay and the hunter eat the carcass more animals like alligator or crocodile leopard leopard seal fish bass bison sharks male deer gru bull elk bear and more more maps or make the map bigger ocean lce land rivers polar bears go hunting more bird if you do add fish eagle will only hunt fish not such huge animals tree will have nests in them for birds and eagle add and if you add vultures put that hunter get full and leave the carcass behind for vultures bigger trees jungle the prey will defend it self at less some of the prey some animals jousting for reason like for a mate add baby animals some hunter hunt alone instead of all hunter attack together swamps and many hopefully the creator of the game see this.

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