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Ready to embark on a fun adventure to learn about emotions and win coping superpowers? Explore the world’s first Social Emotional Learning (SEL) app for kids ages 4 to 8.

Join Wisdom, the game's main character, on a fun journey to help the inhabitants of the kingdoms of Fear and Anger identify and cope with their emotions. Through interactive games, Augmented Reality breathing exercises, guided meditations and hands-on activities, your child will learn healthy coping strategies, build positive relationships, and problem-solve.

“Help little ones navigate their biggest feelings with Wisdom: The World of Emotions, an immersive story app that takes kids on an adventure through a whimsical world of emotional learning.” App Store - App of the Day

“Wisdom: The World of Emotions uses the fun backdrop of an adventure game as a strategy to help kids build their understanding of emotion vocabulary, and learn ways to solve challenges and problems through fun learning experiences.” Common Sense Media - 4 star rating

With this evidence-based Social Emotional Learning app, kids learn healthy coping strategies both at home and at school.


Independent play:

At home, your child can play Wisdom independently as they navigate the different interactive games and learn about body language, voice intonations, physiological reactions, and much more! Your child can also embark on Augmented Reality adventures! Wisdom and their cat will appear in your very home and coach your child through multiple breathing and mindfulness techniques with three different games: bubble breathing, breathing with Wisdom, and a glitter jar! Your child can also listen to guided meditations to feel calm and confident.

Practice Together:

Wisdom offers practice activities and discussions you can lead with your child, as well as beautiful printable templates that foster skills like gratitude, problem solving and more! A collection of parenting tips and resources is also available to help you support your child's emotional growth. Explore topics like challenging behaviors, sleep, and independence to learn useful exercises you can do together.

Create a customized book:

Through interview questions you and your child will create a customized book that tells the story of your child and Wisdom, as they learned about the world of emotions together.

Parent and Kid Approved:

"This app gave us a common language to talk about our emotions and a vast array of coping strategies to choose from. It's been helping me too." Tara, mom of a 4-year old.

“I loved playing the games. You can help the angry person in the game with a superpower to help them feel happy again.” Hadrien, 1st grader

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Weave SEL into your day:

Access 300+ teaching resources (lesson plans, slides, activities, printables, meditations, parent prompts) tailored for use in virtual, hybrid, or physical classrooms.
With both virtual and hands-on lesson versions, provide low-prep, high quality SEL instruction.

Access a comprehensive, CASEL-aligned curriculum:

A game-based SEL curriculum, Wisdom focuses on CASEL's five core SEL competencies: self-awareness, social awareness, relationship skills, responsible decision-making, and self-management.


A Randomized Control Trial Study demonstrated significant improvement on children's self-regulation and focus after playing Wisdom.

Track your students' progress:

SchoolWork for iPad lets you monitor your students' progress in real time!

Teacher Approved:

“Some students abruptly do things - they storm out and slam doors. Wisdom helped them recognize the triggers and identify that an emotion was happening. It gave them the words to describe it.” Ms. Walker, Mental Health Counselor

"While we use many resources with our students, Wisdom was the one they engaged the most with. Talking about when they are angry when they are not angry was very beneficial. We planned for how they could react next time." Ms. Thapa, Special Education Support Teacher

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Version 3.9

App of the Day! “Help little ones navigate their biggest feelings with Wisdom: The World of Emotions, an immersive story app that takes kids on an adventure through a whimsical world of emotional learning.” App Store

This fun Social Emotional Learning app includes exciting features such as a Kingdom of Anger, Augmented Reality characters, and a Kingdom of Fear where kids earn superpowers to overcome their fears and anxieties. Through storytelling games, children place themselves in the shoes of the different characters to better understand how we respond to these emotions and what we can do to feel calm and confident. Access free content now!

This update includes daily activity suggestions, a newly designed Meditations section, and 14 new printable activities on mindfulness, empathy, and problem-solving, as well as:


- Unlimited access to a suite of fun interactive games where kids learn to identify, label, express, and manage big emotions such as anger, fear, and anxiety
- 3 Interactive Augmented Reality games to practice mindful breathing techniques in real life
- An opportunity to create a customized book with your child, accessible directly on your device. With beautiful illustrations and your child at the center of a suspenseful plot, continue celebrating and reinforcing learning!
- 20 Parenting guides to support your children during uncertain times
- 60 Guided activities for parents and children that help families learn together
- 30 Beautifully designed printable activities so your kids can reflect and create
- 12 Guided meditations to help your child feel calmer
- 365 daily social emotional activities to practice building positive relationships (iOS 14 widgets)
- Regular content updates & new games to support your child’s emotional growth
- 5 adaptive levels of difficulty to support your child's learning
- Family sharing available for up to 6 devices
- A choice of 2 languages: French and English
- All games can be played offline


- 40+ “Back to School” resources to support community building in virtual or hybrid classrooms
- 200+ digital lesson plans for educators support seamless integration into classroom or virtual learning. Differentiated lesson plans for pre-K to 2nd grade. Available for whole-class, small groups, and individual settings, as well as virtual settings with our Distance Learning lessons slides for live or asynchronous lessons.
- 14-week Social Emotional Learning (SEL) read-aloud program with a weekly theme, suggested book titles, discussion slideshow, and printable activities.
- 50+ printable SEL worksheets to use in classrooms or send to students remotely, covering topics of mindfulness, empathy, gratitude, and more!
- 40+ easy SEL Transitions to facilitate mindful transitions between lessons, either virtually or in a physical classroom.
- 12 guided meditations to help your students feel calm and focused
- A free Interactive Augmented Reality game to practice breathing in real life
- Even more Augmented Reality games that bring mindfulness to life
- Beautiful posters and visuals to place in your classroom or post on your virtual class board
- Schoolwork for iPad integration allows educators to easily assign handouts and track individual progress
- Parent prompts that reinforce school & home connections
- Adaptive difficulty levels for each skill to automatically differentiate for your students and provide instruction in their Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD)
- A choice of 2 languages: French and English

Suitable for all kids ages 4 to 8, including children with special needs (autism, ADHD), gifted and talented.

COPPA, FERPA, and GDPR compliant, ad-free forever.

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4,3 sur 5
33 notes

33 notes

Jensunzkwo cuandnopxnvsfq ,

Great application for Socio-emotional learning of children!

This application is the perfect way to help children deal with emotions like anger and fear. They learn coping strategies and the augmented reality breathing exercises and meditations help them relax.

Réponse du développeur ,

Dear user,

Thank you so much for sharing your feedback. We'd love to hear your suggestions on how we can further improve your children's experience with our app. Please feel free to share any ideas you or your children might have by emailing joy@betterkids.education We look forward to continuing to hear about your kids' journey in the world of emotions,
The Better Kids team

shea.cours ,

Great SEL game for kids!

I’ve tried this app with my early elementary students and the kids of friends... They love it! The game is really engaging, and kids learn important SEL skills by completing mini-games throughout. I think it’ll definitely help them learn to manage their emotions and resolve conflicts peacefully. Plus, the calming augmented reality activities are very cool (and I think one is free even if you don’t pay to create an account). Definitely a must while we’re all at home trying to find meaningful activities for kids and students!!

Réponse du développeur ,

Dear user,

Thank you for sharing your feedback. We're glad you enjoyed the augmented reality activities and that your early elementary students were engaged in learning new social emotional skills with Wisdom. Should you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to email us at joy@betterkids.education
The Better Kids team

wzgrrl ,

Great game especially now.

My preschool aged son loves this game and asks for it specifically during his (limited!) allowed game time. He is starting to really understand how to use his superpowers to deal with anger.... and roars now when he is upset which is so much better than the alternative. During these difficult times when social interaction have been limited, and emotions high, Wisdom has been a saving grace. The design is beautiful too! Really enjoying the new AR features.

Réponse du développeur ,

Dear user,

Thank you so much for sharing your feedback. We're so glad that your son is using his coping superpowers at home thanks to Wisdom. Please feel free to email us any suggestions or questions at joy@betterkids.education
The Better Kids team


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