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Uploading play screen or gameplay video of WitchSpring4 online is only permitted within the conditions below.
When uploading game videos on online video sites such as YouTube or the social media, please follow the guidelines below for cooperation.

Allowed upload date: December 19th, 2019 and afterwards
Allowed range: Up to "Chapter 2: Seeds of Bonding"

Minimum specification: iPhone 6 or later


This Little Queen, called a Witch, rules over the Ürphean continent.
She trains hard to conquer all the continents.
She orders her minions to collect magic ingredients,
or goes on explorations by herself.
The items she crafts enhance her powers.
The Warriors retaliate harder, as Moccamori becomes more powerful...
To face numerous dangers that despise her...
Will Moccamori realize her dream?

The Tale of Moccamori the Little Queen
Released on December 19, 2019

Official Facebook: http://facebook.com/witchsprings

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버전 2.6

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102개의 평가

102개의 평가

lolo shinuku ,

Beautiful & Amazing

Everything about it is beautiful. The pictures, the story, the music. It’s really hard to say goodbye when finished. I wish it could go on forever. I was happy to find the characters were from different witchsprings (as i have not played the rest) because it means WitchSpring4 will continue on in the next.

Complaints: one was how fast I finished it; I finished in two weeks. Two, the movement. I tried to run to a place but it did not allow me to. Eventually, I was able to get there with some difficulty. Three was the fact that I couldn’t save so I couldn’t continue playing when finished.

Beside these small complaints, I truly enjoyed WitchSpring4 and can’t wait for the next.

RudySapphire ,

Please Fix

I’ve been waiting for this game and was so happy when I finally saw it on the App Store, and that excitement continued when I downloaded it. However it was shortly lived when the game suddenly exited while I was still in the early beginning of the story. This happened back to back a few times, before I was finally able to process. Another issue I’ve discovered is that the music will lag, now this isn’t a major problem but it is still very annoying, and take away from the very beautiful soundtrack this game has. For some reason it also makes my phone extremely hot, now I have an iPhone 7, so that may be the issue but I do not know. The two things I’ve mentioned about the sudden exiting and soundtrack truly make me avoid the game. I do want to play it, however I find it hard when it suddenly makes you exit and have to do things over again, while the soundtrack lags in the background. Please fix at least one of these things!

Nitro-005 ,

Best mobile RPG game

These guys have made awesome witch spring RPG’s and this one has definitely improved as each one they have done does. Character development, graphics, story, mechanics, and even the fighting had uniqueness and captured me into this gem all the time, even to where I lost track of time. I don’t think there is any better developers for these games on mobile devices. I sincerely hope they continue to make RPG’s, whether in this series or not, because these stories always make me smile, cry and feel all types of emotions to hook you in. I love these games and hope to see a witch spring 5, but would be happy with any RPG story game they make like this, and plan to support any games like this from them. I love your stories, please keep making games like this!

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