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Take the WMUR News 9 app with you everywhere you go and be the first to know of breaking news happening in Manchester and the surrounding area. Always stay up to date with the latest local news, national, sports, traffic, political, entertainment stories and much more. Download the WMUR News 9 app for free today.

Our Local News, Weather and Sports App Features Include:
- Manchester breaking news alerts with push notifications
- Live streaming breaking news updates from our WMUR News 9 reporters when it happens, where it happens
- Local news submission area for breaking news, news tips and the ability to email your news photos and videos right to our newsroom to be featured on air
- Share stories via email or your social media pages
- Up to date, current local weather conditions, hourly Manchester weather updates, and 7 day forecasts
- An interactive radar that lets you zoom in and out to street level and watch storms as they approach. Move the map around to see major weather activity
- Manchester weather alerts and updates, Storm Watch 9 weather videocasts and more

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Wersja 5.15.93

Simple bug fixes and performance improvements

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Ocen: 3.1 tys.

Ocen: 3.1 tys.

ChristianDudette ,

I Would Give It a 5 But...

I love this app as I rely on the push notifications more so than manually scrolling through stories. I find the notifications better and more informative and definitely more “on time” (lightening alerts and the like) than my other apps. However, several times when I’ve clicked on a notification in order to be brought to the full story it just brings me to a blank page. At that point I have to close the app and re-click to open it and find the story I wanted to read. If you could fix this I would give you a 5 star review. Also, if you could add an allergy forecast section I’d be the happiest person alive (app wise.) Thank you & be safe!

AprilBarbere ,

Yes there are ads...

Yes there are a lot of ads, but that’s how apps are free...plus this is broadcast media! There are commercials during every news broadcast on TV, and though it’s annoying it’s really no different for a television station to include them in their app. The ads are kept to 30 seconds max, and I really don’t find it to be a deal breaker.

WMUR Weather is the biggest reason why I use this app. Most accurate around for local forecasts compared to any weather app I’ve used. I like catching up on local news and weather when I’m on the go and can’t watch it at home (which is most days). Yes yes the ads are in every video, but like I said it’s really no different than commercials during a television broadcast. It’s definitely a great app in my opinion. I read the articles more than I watch the videos so it really has no impact. Will continue to use!

tweedle bug ,

Too many commercials

I really like being able to get the news and radar maps whenever I want The weather items are great. I never have a problem with that. The problem comes when I want to watch any story...usually I never end up watching the story.
Every time I click on a story there is another commercial to watch. I am very impatient and don’t have the time to watch a commercial EVERY story, so I just read the story during the commercial and move onto the next story to read during the commercial.
Also most times it takes a couple of tries when I want to watch the news now. I usually get stuck in a commercial loop or freeze I have to get out and go back in a couple of times. (A couple more commercials.)
Lastly it would be great if I could steam the news now to my tv. When the cables out, it would be nice to not have to prop the phone for my husband and I to huddle up and watch.


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