The WoodStepper is a sequencer having both audio and midi out.
The audio sources can be the track audio, sampled audio or the built-in VCO's.
The VCO notes can also be set by the Chordulator which finds chord notes in a live stream or recorded track.
It consists of 4 independent 8-steps sequencers which can be linked to a 16, 24 or 32 steps sequencer.
So WoodStepper can be used as a 4-track looper/sampler.
Each step can also send 4 midi messages (note on, CC, …) to 2 midi channels.
The audio part for each sequencer has a pitch (down) shifter, (Moog lowpass) filter with ASR envelope, saturator, amplitude ASR envelope and delay line which can all be set independently per step.
The app can be used stand-alone (device audio input and output) or as a plugin in a DAW.

The manual can be downloaded from :

- IOS plugin type : AUv3, IAA and stand-alone app.

- Has 4 independent 8-steps sequencers.

- Sequencers can be linked to form 16, 24, or 32 steps sequencer(s).

- Each sequencer can have a different timing.

- Steps can be disabled for non 4/4 patterns.

- Each step can send up to 4 midi messages (+ all previous notes off) on 2 midi channels

- Midi note-on values can follow a midi received ground note.

- Audio sources can be the track audio, sampled audio or 3 VCO's (per sequencer).

- Sampling can be armed (per sequencer) with a button or a midi in CC.

- Each sequencer has it’s own gain, clipping led and brick-wall limiter.

- VCO’s have the usual waveforms and can be FM modulated.

- VCO frequency/note value can be set with a midi in note-on.

- Polyphonic mode sends 4 subsequent note-ons to the 4 VCO’s.

- Each step has a pitch down shifter.

- Pitch shifters have a glide control.

- Pitch shifters can be set to a random value (out of a list of scales).

- Pitch values can be harmonically locked to the Just Scale or the Equally Tempered Scale.

- VCO + Pitch can be limited to a specified key + interval scale (e.g. C Major Pentatonic)
- Each step has a 4-pole Moog Lowpass filter with resonance and ASR envelope.

- Steps have an additional high-pass filter and a saturation control.

- All steps have an ASR amplitude envelope and a step gain.

- Each step has its own delay line with independent timing, feedback, and filtering.

- Step audio and delay can be panned independently per step.

- Sequencers can be started manually or started when Playing (transport) starts.

- A “Play 1 Step” button allows to finetune step settings

- An “All Steps” button allows to set the same parameter value in all steps.

- Has a global Dry-Wet, Input gain and Output gain control.

- Presets can be stored in iCloud Drive (makes them available on all your devices).

- Presets can be switched with Midi Program Changes.

- Major controls can be set with Midi CC messages.

What’s New

Version 2.1

- Midi Out can now also be sent to the DAW (previously only to External midi), which makes WoodStepper now appear as a midi source in e.g. AUM.
- Chordulator now has a Direct Midi Out function (independent from the step timing).
- Cpu load reduction of up to 50% when using Delays and the delay time is the same for all steps (new Advanced setting)
- WoodStepper stand-alone is now a visible (external or virtual) midi dest endpoint.

- fixed crash bug when using the Chordulator and Midi Out.
- fixed display of received midi note.
- fixed display of Midi out settings when running

Ratings and Reviews

4.3 out of 5
6 Ratings

6 Ratings

anickt ,

Awesome! Yes it does work in DAW’s.

It shows up under effects in AUM. This is true of some other apps I’ve purchased lately. Lots of possibilities here. See you later.

Eriptron ,

Developer faked Apple w/support contact

Update: this just doesn’t make sense. The manual mentions DAWs and that it’s both AU and AUv3 as well as stand alone. Then why doesn’t either Audiobus 3 or AUM see WoodStepper as either an AU or AUv3?

This developer just pointed the Apple Support Contact link to their manual. Support is NOT a manual. That’s called documentation. Right now, this product doesn’t work for me. I checked their other apps and no real support links either. This is the proverbial ‘want to give this developer zero stars’. And it’s not compatible with AUM and Audiobus 3. No instrument nor AUv3, let alone AU. Note to self, don’t buy anything else from this developer. I don’t think I can but I will try to get a refund.

ALB Man ,

Clueless people should refrain from reviews...

Harrumph. This app works beautifully in AUM, Audiobus, ApeMatrix et al. A wonderfully inventive music app, like all from this developer.


Woodman's Immaculate Maple Syrup Studio
16.7 MB

Requires iOS 11.4 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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