World Brush is an AR experience where users can paint with brushes on the world around them.

Every painting is anonymous and is saved at the approximate GPS location where it was created.

Users have the ability to like, dislike and report paintings which hides the bad stuff and showcases the good.

Paintings can be marked private by their creator, so they won't be visible to anyone else.

Create a painting and send it directly to a friend or check out the top and newest paintings from around the world in AR!


Versie 1.2.5

Bug fixes related to the camera.

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78 beoordelingen

RollTide_King ,

One of the best AR apps available!

This app does a great job of utilizing ARKit especially since AR just became available. I updated the app yesterday and I’m still having a few issues. First, as many have noted, the battery percentage plummets while using the app. Second, since the update the “Local” map doesn’t seem to load. It just keeps spinning and spinning trying to load something but it never does. I’m connected to very fast WiFi so I know that isn’t the issue.

Overall, for a version 1.0 app it is a great start!

gemini6905 ,

Great AR concept but app is a battery hog

This is a great AR concept. However, a couple of issues that may spoil an otherwise great AR experience. Not sure if this is an issue on other iPhones, but while using the app on my iPhone 6s, I can literally see the battery percentage plummet by the second, no joke! Definitely can’t walk around exploring with this app running, you’ll be out of battery in no time. Other issue is location accuracy. You may think you just created a work of art at a certain location (like on a wall or over a water fountain or in the hallway, etc...), but only to realize it was actually saved in some random nearby location that may not even be accessible, like inside a building. While this isn’t an issue with the app itself, but since the whole idea is to draw something over existing things, so if your drawings don’t get saved at the precise location, then the context is lost on the others who view them. Nonetheless, nice to see some AR apps out there and hope the AR trend will continue to develop.

Reactie van ontwikkelaar ,

Thanks for your feedback! We just released a new version (1.1) that has battery usage optimizations. For the location accuracy, we're only able to save paintings based on GPS coordinates, which can be ~50m off from where you saved it. One tip - if you open the app close to where you opened the app when creating the paintings, the paintings should appear pretty close to where you crreated them originally.

OhBraveNewWorld ,

Coolest AR App by far thus far.

I’ve been waiting for an AR app like this and I believe that these will truly change how we interact. I love the idea of an invisible world where we can leave messages and art for each other. I’d wager soon we will have an AR based social media app. At this point this is the closest thing to it.

Also hate ignorant reviews. Person complaint about the location services didn’t read what the app does or how it functions. Location services allow you to save where your painting is so the server can then relay that info to others with the app and see your art when walking around.


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