Mouse House: Puzzle Story 4+

Для тех, кто любит милые игр‪ы‬

Aleksandr Feoktistov

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Готовься к приключениям в новой игре три-в-ряд Mouse House: Puzzle Story.

Сыграем в кошки-мышки? Выполняй задания и помоги находчивому мышонку Билли восстановить свой городок после кошачьего нападения. Двигай элементы, зарабатывай звезды и используй их, чтобы отремонтировать комнату, ресторан, супермаркет и даже железнодорожную станцию. Дай волю воображению с бесконечными дизайнерскими находками: переделай мышиный городок на свой вкус!

Особенности Mouse House:

● Все, за что ты любишь жанр три-в-ряд: решай загадки, получай бустеры, исследуй разнообразные уровни!
● Красочная графика: яркие цвета, милые, крошечные домики и симпатичные персонажи.
● Целый город для обустройства: прояви свой дизайнерский талант буквально в каждом уголке мышиного мира.
● Удивительная история: маленький мышиный мир намного больше, чем кажется! Присоединись к Билли и Боните и помоги им перехитрить мохнатого противника.
● Самый милый злодей: защищай мышиный город от хитрого кота.

Что нового

Версия 1.56.7

- Историю маленького города продолжат 20 новых квестов!
- Обновленные звуки
- Технические улучшения и исправления.
- Ряд визуальных улучшений.

Оценки и отзывы

4,7 из 5
Оценок: 2,2 тыс.

Оценок: 2,2 тыс.

kalihigirl ,

Really cute and fun!

Stands out from other match-3 games due to cuteness and very nice graphics. Also, it is NOT irritating (like certain other games) with loud brash noises and ads all over. I appreciate how the boosters and coins are placed in an area where players won’t accidentally use them, and I also appreciate how matches don’t randomly set off the boosters you’ve worked so hard to create on the board. Unfortunately, I’ve reached the end of the building stage, and I get a message that more is coming soon. And I can’t pass level 485. Other than that, perfect!

Love it an ,

Game idea is great but

I love the idea and the cute furniture but there is a lot of issues with animations,sound, and dialogue. The animations are slow and sometimes glitchy. The animations for the mice look very unnatural as well so they look slightly off putting. As for the sound as i read before there is a a lot of places that could use sound. And for the dialogue it’s just plain weird like the whole part with the rug was very off putting and sometimes the things they say are just out of place. Also just one last thing the story needs some slight improvement as they are just random characters that make no sense like the bird that teaches us to play or the mole on the crafting screen like we don’t know who they are or why they’re there and it’s really weird. With some updates this game could be amazing and I truly hope you guys improve it.

Ответ разработчика ,

Thank you for such a detailed review! We're still working on the game, it's animations, sound and a lot of other things! Every update brings a lot of changes and improvements :)

CinematicV ,

Odd creative choices

Has potential to be a great game — the mouse concept is far less creepy than an old white dude in a mansion — but the creators have made some odd choices. The sound design in particular is puzzling; in many instances, where one would normally expect a sound effect, there is nothing at all. And the buttons: when collected, they make a tiny plop — sure, in reality a button probably would sound like this, but in a game when you’re earning “cash” (the buttons in this case), one still expects to hear something more rewarding and more in line with Mario coins. When the “Awesome” screen appears after you complete a game, there are no sound effects at all. No mouse voice, no whoosh, no coins being tallied up. Just silence. It feels incomplete and somewhat lazy.

Ответ разработчика ,

Thank you for your feedback and such a detailed comment about the sound design! We're still working on it, there will be improvements in future updates!

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