Denne gratis XProtect Mobile-app giver dig sikker adgang til dit Milestone videoovervågningssystem når som helst, hvor som helst fra din smartphone eller tablet. Programmmet fås på 30 sprog og giver nem adgang til live video, afspilning og eksport af optaget video, aflytning af lyd og tale gennem de tilsluttede højttalere ved hjælp af push-to-talk-knappen. Kompatibel med XProtect Corporate, XProtect Expert, XProtect Professional+, XProtect Express+, XProtect Essential+ og Milestone Husky NVR serien*. (Ved brug sammen med XProtect Express og Professional, download appen "XProtect® Mobile Express & Pro")

Yderligere produktfordele:
• Dokumentér alle hændelser, mens de sker, ved at streame video og lyd fra din mobilenheds kamera direkte til Milestone-løsningen
• Vær helt tryg og hav hele tiden styr på situationen ved at modtage push-beskeder baseret på definerede alarmer i Milestone-løsningen

Prøv det!
Download appen og se selv. XProtect Mobile giver adgang til en demoserver, så du kan udforske produktet, selvom du ikke allerede har et Milestone-system installeret.

Kom godt i gang
For at kunne tilslutte og se kameraer fra dit Milestone-system, skal du have den nyeste version af Milestone-overvågningssystemet og XProtect Mobile-serveren installeret. For yderligere oplysninger om at komme i gang, besøg
Milestone distribuerer og sælger sin markedsledende XProtect® VMS og Milestone Husky NVR-serie gennem en autoriseret partnerkanal af distributører og forhandlere i mere end 115 lande rundt omkring i verden. Gå til for at finde din lokale autoriserede Milestone-forhandler eller -distributør.
*Brugere af Milestone Arcus-videoovervågningsprodukterne kan også bruge XProtect Mobile. Kontakt en Milestone Arcus-partner for oplysninger om specifik programfunktionalitet


Version 20.1.1

This release includes:
• Settings UI update and alignment between platforms (iOS and Android)
• Video Push screen UI update
• Video Push settings UI update
• Switch camera button added to Video Push
• Bug fixes

Vurderinger og anmeldelser

2.2 ud af 5
90 vurderinger

90 vurderinger


Terrible over LTE with 4 out of 5 bars

I have a business grade internet connection, the server has 6 cores and 20 gb or ram so I know that’s not the problem. Furthermore the app works just fine over WiFi and my other camera system (NightOwl) works just fine on my mobile over LTE. When I connect to mobile data good luck actually seeing anything for more than a few choppy seconds at a time before the image pixelates and bleeds together or freezes. This mostly happens as the camera is kicking back n forth between motion recording and not. So basically if there’s motion on the camera while you’re viewing it remotely, it’s going to stop working an freeze badly until motion recording stops. THIS ABSOLUTELY DEFEATS THE PURPOSE OF VIEWING IT REMOTELY! If I wanted my cams to only be viewable when I’m home I could’ve gone a lot cheaper. Will not be upgrading my license for more cameras as anticipated during initial setup. My $800 NightOwl System is putting your software to shame running with CONSIDERABLY more power. Which I had to give it because even with 4 Xeon core processors, it was still maxing out the cpu constantly. Might want to go back to the drawing board guys, there’s a lot of issues here and none of them I’ve found a workaround for yet...

daswafford ,

Memory leak

There is a memory leak in the current build. It can be reproduced by setting “Stay awake” from settings to on, and then leaving the app open permanently. I use it on a dedicated iPad Air viewing a 3x3 (9 total) camera view. The Milestone server and iPad are on the same local network. Cameras are a mix of 1080p and 4K Axis devices. Streams are configured for 30fps at 1080p in the Milestone Mobile’s “Performance” configuration. When left viewing the 9 camera display, the app crashes consistently after about 24-36 hours of use. Dropping FPS to 20 had no effect. The app still crashes after about a day. As a software engineer, it’s obvious that there is a memory leak in the app. It’s probably caused by the high frame rate and resolution I run, but for a commercial product, I would hope for better QA. I recently converted from XProtect Express and am on the latest release of XProtect Express+. I am under Milestone Care Plus but have been unsuccessful in escalating this bug.

Build: 13.2.1 XProtect Mobile (36) / 64
IOS IPad Air 3rd Gen on IOS 12.4
XProtect Express+ 13.2

Vikingsix1 ,

Works great if you have it setup correctly

This is very specific software. If you don’t have a Milestone server properly setup with access to and from the internet then this app is not for you.
If you DO have the above mentioned server this works great and is the only way to go in my mind.
Truth be told, the Milestone product line was not my first choice. I wanted “open source” and Linux based.
Bah, that equated to “better be a Linux expert” and know the intricate in’s and out’s of all the subject matter. Through a lot of trial and error my choices limited themselves down to this very fine product. Milestone got me up and running with 8 devices for free in just a day or two. Versus the couple of weeks I’d already spent on the aforementioned Linux Open source options.

Svar fra udvikler ,

Dear Vikingsix1,

Thank you for your positive feedback.

We also appreciate any constructive feedback regarding functionality, so please don't hesitate to keep us updated or to shout for help if ever you need it.

Thanks again and best regards,

Milestone Technical Support


98.6 MB

Kræver iOS 11.0 eller en nyere version. Kompatibel med iPhone, iPad og iPod touch.


Dansk, Arabisk, Bulgarsk, Engelsk, Finsk, Forenklet kinesisk, Fransk, Hebraisk, Hindi, Hollandsk, Islandsk, Italiensk, Japansk, Koreansk, Kroatisk, Norsk - bokmål, Persisk, Polsk, Portugisisk, Russisk, Serbisk, Slovakisk, Spansk, Svensk, Thailandsk, Tjekkisk, Traditionelt kinesisk, Tyrkisk, Tysk, Ungarsk



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