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Welcome to the Food Rating App - Yemektif, where foods and drinks are rated instead of restaurants. And with Yemektif Club membership, you can benefit from hundreds of discounts and delicious free offers!
Download Yemektif now, start rating your favorite foods. As our gift, Yemektif Club membership is free for the first month (only in Istanbul)!

Yemektif App is a global food evaluation and sharing application, and you can use it with pleasure in any country.

What will you find in Yemektif App?

You've eaten a legendary pizza, you think everyone should try it! With Yemektif App, you can upload your favorite meals, rate them, and share instantly to your followers. Of course, beware, your mother can follow you as well.

You are hungry, and you crave for a taco. You just got out of work, or maybe you're in a neighborhood you have not been before. Now open Yemektif App and easily find out where to eat the most popular tacos rated by users like you. If you wish, you can display most popular tacos on the map and go to the nearest place!

Or you don't have a meal in your mind, but you're starving. Open the Yemektif App, in the "Discover" page look for most suitable meals for you. Find the information like location on the map, phone, price, ratings, and much more... You can also use filters to find most suitable foods and places!

Now a question: you are in a restaurant and you don't know what to choose from the menu Should you choose lasagna that looks delicious or cheeseburger that looks amazing? With Yemektif App, you will have an idea which food is more popular in a restaurant. The reviews and rates (out of 10) will guide you!

Good news ! Now your gourmet friend Jack is also using Yemektif App! By following him in the app, you will learn where Jack has eaten the most delicious meals. You can add these meals to your favorites, and visit these places later!

As you rate and share your meals, you will earn points and skip levels Each evaluation will bring you closer to the legendary “007" level!

Last words:
Attention! this program can result in weight gain! As a Yemektif App family, we have to say that we are not responsible for the extra pounds you can gain.

Since Yemektif App is a new application, food and drink evaluations may be limited for a while, so please do not give low scores because of this reason.

You can send us your feedback within the application, you can be sure that we will read them all.

* You can subscribe to Yemektif Club for daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly periods. You will be charged from your Apple ID account. If your subscription is not canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the period you selected, it will automatically renew. Once you have started your membership, please manage and cancel your subscriptions in the App Store account settings. You can find our Terms of Use here: https://www.yemektif.com/?ShowPolicy=08d6f555-d4f1-b543-1187-196e9ace189c

Dear Restaurant Owners:
You can claim your restaurant in the app (free), and you can join Chef Club (for a fee) to reply to your customers comments and get daily analytic reports about your meals and rates.

* Patents, Copyrights and Intellectual Rights of Yemektif App are reserved.


Sürüm 4.3

Discover new features and new tastes on the new version of Yemektif! Download Now, Discover The Best Tastes.

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