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Marco Bellinaso

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As a good parent, you want your children to play and have fun, but learn and grow as well. And maybe relax a bit while they do so. Yuppy is a collection of educational mini-games that combine all those things:

• 30+ coloring pages, with different styles and subjects. Plenty of colors and tools to choose from.
• A piano keyboard (13 or 25 keys, and 6 different instruments) to play freely, or with a guided mode to learn Happy Birthday, Ode to Joy, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Oh! Susanna, Brahms' Lullaby, Brother John, Ring-a-Ring o' Roses.
• 350+ objects and animals to match with their shape.
• 70+ puzzles, in 2x2 and 3x3 mode.
• 70+ puzzles of animals and dynosaurs divided into 5 pieces.
• 8+ game modes to learn to count, make sums and subtractions with objects, fingers and actual numbers.
• 50+ illustrations to learn letters and words in 6+ languages.
• 62 letters and numbers to trace with a finger, to learn the basics of writing.
• 10+ decks of cards to match: play with 8, 12, 16 or 20 cards, according to age and skills.
• 60+ animals that make 150+ sounds and noises when you touch them.

All these educational games were designed for children aged 3+ years. Their professional and artistic illustrations and fun sound effects make it very engaging, compelling and satisfying to play, while being really useful for your kids' growth and learning process.

Yuppy was built with the safety of your little boys and girls in mind. With zero ads in it, now or in the future, there is no risk of your children being exposed to inappropriate content or accidentally clicking something that isn't suitable for them.

It's great for both lone play or with parents. You decide if you want to have fun together or maybe give your children some solo time while you finally relax a bit with a well-deserved peace of mind!

Disclaimer: Some content of the app is locked and reserved to Premium users. Check out the App Store page to know the price for the in-app purchase and the monthly subscription. But don't worry, there's still plenty of fun content even in the free version, and we've implemented a safe "parental gate" so that a child cannot purchase without your help.
(Full terms of service are available at: http://studietto.com/kidsgames-tos)

We wholeheartedly wish you and your kids a great time with Yuppy! And please don't be shy and get in touch with your feedback :)


Version 1.5

Yet another new mini-game, with more than 50 illustrations to learn letters and words in 6 languages! Useful for kids who are learning to read their first words, or for those starting to learn a second language.

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15 notes


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