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Versio 13

Fixed broken lines. Support for macOS Catalina.

Arviot ja arvostelut

late-night Katharine

Love it but Daily Mandalas break my heart

Many thanks for the wonderful mandalas. I've had a lot of fun & I've learned a lot about color theory using this app.

I only want to color mandalas and I spend several hours on one of the beautiful intricate mandalas. Sometimes a Daily Mandala disappears before I'm finished. And I can never go back to change anything.

PLEASE let me pay to keep the Daily Mandalas.

The texture filters are wonderful & so is the Hide Lines function.

Other requests:
-Allow users to go backward through the palettes, not just forward.
-I'd like to use the mouse less. Are there any keyboard commands? Especially for Undo.
-I'd like to undo 20-30 actions, not just 9.
-How about a Redo function?
-Is there a way to Hide Lines while I'm coloring? I often design a mandala for white lines.
-put the Eyedropper function on the main tool bar, not just in Advanced Color Selection. It would save lots of time & clicking.
****My dream feature: an empty palette (always in view) that I can customize with the colors I'm using. I'd like to drag a color from a regular palette onto the custom palette or use the eyedropper to add a color to the custom palette.

Much appreciation to you!



How do I get my daily chores done when I can hardly wait to get to my computer and start a new picture? Time flies when I am engrossed in making color choices. My favorite tool is the bucket and tapping. Being new to this wonderful pastime, I lose colors that I am using before I’m finished with a picture. Suppose being 88 has something to do with this problem!!! Thank you for making my days worth getting up for. FUN!

Kehittäjän vastaus

Thanks for the review :)!

Big Mac Attacker

Where are the instructions?

This could have been a lot of fun, but there are no instructions telling you anything! I have had to guess at everything. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t! EDIT: After I finally figured out how to use everything it is really nice working on the pictures and they have turned out very beautiful :) I did have to limit the rating to 4 Stars due to the lack of instruction.


JH Digital Solutions
282.8 Mt

OS X 10.9.0 tai tätä uudempi versio ja 64-bittinen suoritin



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