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Zight is the world's leading visual communication platform that helps people everywhere communicate better asynchronously with a unified application to create, annotate and share screenshots, videos, screen recordings, GIFs, and more.

Drag a file to Zight or use our hotkey shortcuts to capture a screenshot, GIF, or HD screen-recording. A link to the file will automatically be copied to your clipboard that you can paste to Slack, Twitter, IM, email, or smoke signals.

"So simple that you use it without realizing it's there." — Tim Van Damme (Dropbox)

“Zight streamlines our sharing and communication. I no longer waste time trying to explain complex workflows or edits to be made or get mired in file attachments. Instead I just constantly use Zight to capture, comment, and share via a handy link. Zight is indispensable to the efficiency of our business, and they’re fantastic to work with.” — Daniel Odio (FounderCulture)

"Zight is extremely useful, beautiful, and so very simple. Exactly what you want in a utility." — Mark Jardine (Tapbots)

"Zight is file sharing the way it should be: simple and powerful with a handy keyboard shortcut integration that my fingers tend to stay glued to, all bundled into an elegant UI." — Brian Hoff (The Design Cubicle)

“Few apps come across my path that becomes instantly integrated into my workflow. Zight is one of them. I honestly can't imagine using my computer without it. It's critical to the way I work.” — Mike Gowen (Delighted)

• Simple and easy interface that streamlines your sharing flow
• Drag and drop any file, link, screenshot, screen recording, image, code-snippets, URL, or video to get an automatically generated URL link copied to your clipboard, ready to be shared.
• Visual search to find what you’re looking for
• Share screenshots and screen-recordings using customized hotkey shortcuts for superior visual collaboration
• GIF and HD screen-recording with audio commenting (for HD) to clearly demonstrate complex workflows
• Record a webcam video message for faster and more animated communication
• Add annotations for visual feedback or emphasis
• Get the global history of your drops along with the view count and open-tracking
• Add a password to increase your drop’s privacy and security
• Use auto-destruction to set your drops to delete on a timed fuse and control your asset’s longevity
• Use a Custom Domain (eg. shorturl.co/XXXX) and your branding to make Zight an extension of you or your business
• Share assets using links (built-in URL shortening!)
• Re-copy a link, delete or rename an asset from the menu-bar
• iOS app for Zight on the go

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Wersja 6.7.0

CloudApp is now Zight!

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4,4 z 5
Ocen: 1,4 tys.

Ocen: 1,4 tys.

GentleGiantEd ,

Works most of the time

Over the couple years I've used CloudApp it works great most of the time then something throws it off and quirky things happen for a few weeks. Eventually, they come out with an update and all works well again. Seems to be pretty stable at the moment. (Oct 2023) Would like to see the ability to move my picture where ever on the screen when filming screen recordings. On a large screen monitor its pretty useless with me down in the corner as a miniscule talking head. Overall, its a good product.

Odpowiedź dewelopera ,


Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on Zight! We truly appreciate your feedback, and we're glad to hear about your overall positive experience with the app.

It's great to know that you've found Zight to be reliable over the years. We're constantly working on improving our app, and your feedback is invaluable to us.

Regarding your request to move your picture around the screen during screen recordings, we understand how that could enhance the user experience, especially on large screens. Are you using the desktop app? In the Zight desktop app, you can make your picture larger/smaller, move it around, and enhance it to take up the whole screen. We hope this helps!

Once again, thank you for your support and valuable feedback. We hope to keep providing you with a great experience, and if you have any more suggestions or encounter any issues, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

The Zight Team

LaurenLDM ,

Was awesome... now buggy

CloudApp was an amazing tool. In the last few years, it has become increasingly buggy. For 6 months, our video screencasts would fail to upload (this happened to our entire company, who are all working remote, not using a VPN, on different Internet connections and different devices with NO corporate software nor corporate firewalls). It took us 6 months to get their attention to actually do anything about it.

After the recent changeover to "Zight", now the screen recording buttons appear in the top blacked out notch on my MAC Pro (where the camera is) and I can't access the pause nor finish button after completing a full screen screencast on my laptop screen.

It's just unfortunately not nearly as reliable as it once was, which is a bummer since our entire company has enjoyed the tool for years! We could never find anything like it, but the team has now complained so much (justifiably) about it's frequent bugs that we are searching for an alternative.

Odpowiedź dewelopera ,

Hi LaurenDLM - so sorry to hear about the issues you are experiencing here.

Would you be willing to get in touch with us at support@zight.com? We will both provide you with a newer & updated version of our app and offer you a gift card for your willingness to help us improve our app.

TexasCrafter ,

How did this app get even worse?

[update] The change from CloudApp to Zight was not a change in name only. App features were also entirely removed in the rebranding. And users beware: Zight updates this app without user permission or interaction!

[origial review] I was thrilled some time back to find this app in the app store vs having to direct download. Sadly, there often seems to be some problem with CloudApp. For awhile now the biggest issue is that even though I leave this app always running, it's never there when I need it. It's silently failed & disappeared. So I restart it. And very often I also have to re-login. And fairly frequently I have to re-set all my user preferences. It's a lot of work for a "helper" app. I can recommend it when it's working. But as I said, there's almost always some issue.

Odpowiedź dewelopera ,

Hey there TexasCrafter - when we changed CloudApp to Zight, it was *only* a name/brand change. Sounds like you may have installed a 'light weight' version of our app (our Chrome extension or used our dashboard). Would you please make sure you are using the Mac Store app and not a chrome/dashboard app?

Also FYI re updating the app without permission, this is a setting that you have on your computer that Apple built and you've enabled. Please disable it if you do not like it.

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Data Used to Track You

The following data may be used to track you across apps and websites owned by other companies:

  • Contact Info
  • Identifiers
  • Usage Data
  • Diagnostics

Data Linked to You

The following data may be collected and linked to your identity:

  • Contact Info
  • Identifiers
  • Usage Data
  • Diagnostics

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