*** DISCLAIMER: The ZOZO app is no longer available for new sign ups and orders. ***

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Designed in Japan and shaped by you. Pick the styles you want without ever having to worry about size.

While most clothing forces us into standard sizes, we make clothes fit to your unique measurements and deliver them right to your door. This is why you will never see the option to select a size on our website or find a tag with a standard size. ZOZO clothing always starts with you.

How It Worked:
1. Measure: Measure in minutes with the ZOZOSUIT and ZOZO app.
2. Order: See your measurements in an interactive 3D rendering and order custom-fit clothing.
3. Fit: Enjoy the feeling of a better fit.

All personal data, including body data, is handled under the terms and conditions of ZOZO’s privacy policy.


バージョン 1.2.3

- Minor bug fixes





Great Idea, Never Received Clothing


Initially; The Zozo suit arrived, I couldn’t get the camera on my 5S (I love the size of the phone) to work and had to use my husband’s phone otherwise the app seemed fine. I ordered my clothes in Sept. it is almost Jan and they still have not even been shipped. I emailed customer support, absolutely no response. Don’t waste your time, or money buying the suit to measure!

Update; It’s December 29th and my jeans and shirt arrived. I’m absolutely shocked, the jeans are a perfect fit, very unusual for me because I have a smaller waist and a bit of a larger derrière. They are a perfect length and are comfortably snug. I didn’t think they were going to fit, if I ever got them. The shirt is looser, not poorly fitted I just thought a custom T-shirt would be more fitted. My husband says it looks good but I’d like it a bit less baggy in the waist. Otherwise the length, bust and shoulder fit really is perfect. I’m shocked! The clothes appear to be high quality too.


App works great, can’t wait for custom clothing!

This is app is revolutionary! The only way to get custom clothing used to include having to be manually measured intrusively by another person, can then waiting weeks and being subject to human error and paying a lot of money. Zozo not only makes it fast and easy to get accurate measurements of your entire body with the Zozosuit, it offers custom clothing at a price point that is affordable to everyone. For those who were lucky enough to get one of the first shipments of the Zozosuit, Zozo was generous enough to offer a free custom t-shirt and jeans. I just finished my measurements and can’t wait to receive my free custom outfit and order more clothing. I am a customer, not an employee of Zozo. Don’t listen to those idiots rating the app low just because they can’t follow instructions for email or how to use the app. As long as you follow the instructions, measurements are quick and very accurate. I checked the app’s measurements twice against my own manual measurements with a tape measure and they all came out the same both times.


I had high hope - clothes don’t fit well

UPDATED- to their credit, the return/exchange process is painless....(original post follows)I ordered on of everything to test before committing to this new brand. I am normal weight / BMI 6 ‘ 4” / 193 centimeters male and have a hard time finding clothes that fit. Sadly, the jeans, t-shirts and a button down long sleeve shirt don’t fit well. The jeans are 1 or 2 inches short. The t-shirt and button down are not tailored what so ever. The shirts will easily come untucked and there is way to much fabric mid section fabric so the untucked look is not an option. With the precise measurements, I had expected the items to fit and not need tailoring. Hopefully, this is version 1.0 issues and they will improve their processes. I am totally bummed out and disappointed. Please post your experience and if they improve, perhaps I’ll try again in a year or so?


ZOZO, Inc.

Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


English, German

Rated 4+


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