5 Awesome Apple Arcade Puzzle Games

Unwind your mind with these brainteasers.

Have a passion for puzzles? You’re in luck! These imaginative games will keep you guessing—and you can play them all with an Apple Arcade subscription. Visit the Arcade tab on the App Store to see even more.

Colorful conundrums

Tint’s picturesque puzzles are at once smart and soothing. Color theory comes beautifully into play as you blend watercolors across the page to create a specific hue. Don’t worry if you end up with a muddy mess. Tint is low-key—you can always wash out your brush and try again.

    Apple Arcade


    A relaxing color-mixing puzzle


Get in shape

Solving Spek’s spatial puzzles requires shifting your perspective. Shapes morph, merge, and distort with magical fluidity as you rotate them to steer a dot along their overlapping contours. Despite the interconnected geometry, Spek is remarkably intuitive. You’ll always know what you need to do next—and feel like a genius when the solution presents itself.

    Apple Arcade


    Play with perspective


Mice and easy

The long-awaited follow-up to the Sega Dreamcast cult classic, ChuChu Rocket! Universe puts you in command of cute little mice trying to escape enemy-infested 3D worlds. They’ll blindly go wherever you say, so be thoughtful as you build paths to help them avoid the dangerous KapuKapus—or to take out other ChuChus in the game’s hilariously fun multiplayer modes.

    Apple Arcade

    ChuChu Rocket! Universe

    A Mind Blowing 3D Puzzle Game


A comfortable fit

In Patterned, there’s no reason to rush and no way to fail. Arrange jigsaw-like pieces of an illustration and watch them burst into color when you find the right fit. Less intimidating than a jigsaw puzzle but just as satisfying, Patterned is the perfect way to unwind after a long day.

    Apple Arcade


    Puzzling, Seamlessly Repeated


Hole in what?

Is What the Golf? even a puzzle game? Maybe! Each level looks like a mini-golf hole gone awry. Roll a desk chair to the green, smack a soccer ball past defenders, or carefully nudge balloons around spikes—no clubs required. What the Golf?’s wildly creative approach is nonsensical fun.

    Apple Arcade


    Golf for people who hate golf.


Full access to these puzzlers is available to Apple Arcade subscribers. To check out all 100+ games on Apple Arcade, visit the Arcade tab on the App Store.