5 New Games We Love

Massive online worlds, illuminating puzzles, and dangerous driving.

You can’t count on everything. The weather. Hotel Wi-Fi. The ability to resist that leftover chocolate doughnut from the office surprise party. But excellent new games on the App Store? You can count on those launching every week.

Battle brightness

‣ Launch projectiles at artfully arranged strips of neon in Hit the Light. Pinballs ricochet, throwing stars cut through everything, and bombs wipe out specific areas but don’t bounce. You have a limited number of projectiles, so consider every move carefully.

    Hit the Light - Neon Shooter

    Satisfying stress killer


Coordinate colors

VMOD can make you feel like you’re achingly close to a solution, even when you’re not. Tap patterns of nodes until the colors match up. The trick? Tapping a node changes the colors around it, setting off chain reactions that spread through each pattern. Think three, four, and five moves ahead for the best chance of success.


    Solve visual quantix equations


Make melodic matches

Lyrical Letters turns sound into word puzzles. This memory game plays a sequences of notes, then asks you to press the proper keys to replicate the sounds. Without any time pressure, you’re free to experiment, relax, and just enjoy. If you’re still having trouble finding the right notes, activate the easy mode to make answers more obvious.

    Lyrical Letters

    A lovely musical word game.


Quest and conquer

Ragnarok M is a cute new take on a classic online role-playing franchise. If you’ve never played a massively multiplayer online game like this, there’s a lot to learn, but that depth and detail is part of the appeal. Charge out into battlefields and clash with enemies, collect and equip fancy items, and gradually build your character from a weakling into a world-conquering warrior.

    Ragnarok M - Eternal Love

    The classic adventure returns


Drift and drive

Beach Buggy Racing 2 is not trying to be realistic. Hop into vehicles, then speed and slide around wild courses while trying to knock foes off the road. Set off explosives, spring traps, trigger speed boosts, and activate shields to stay competitive, all while steering into ideal cornering lines. Precise controls make handling a breeze.

    Beach Buggy Racing 2

    Thrilling offroad kart racing!