5 New Games We Love

Battle wild creatures, climb mountains, and collect cute cats.

Games foster deep, indelible connections. Sort of like that comfy college T-shirt you still haven’t Marie Kondo–ed out of your wardrobe rotation. Maybe one of these new games will fit you just right?

Ascend and explore

Hang Line is constantly trying to knock you off snowy slopes. Ice packs loosen. Boulders dislodge. You need to fire a grappling hook past these precarious elements to climb, collect items, and rescue others stranded on mountainsides. Always keep an eye on what’s above to find that next pocket of momentary relief.

    Hang Line: Mountain Climber

    Extreme Rope Swing Action Game


Dodge and destroy

‣ In Galaxy Stack, the defeated are still dangerous. Following natural arcade game instincts, you blast all incoming enemies. But instead of breaking apart into harmless splinters and debris, those enemies fall to the bottom of the screen. If you don’t move out of the way, they wreck your ship. Otherwise, they stack beneath you. Pile up enough defeated enemies to earn high scores.

    Galaxy Stack

    A block stacking shoot 'em up!


Collect cute cats

‣ You’re not on a grand quest to rid the world of freshly resurrected evil in Cats Are Cute. You’re just trying to collect more cats. Tap the screen to level up, play hide-and-seek, find new furry friends, and add buildings to grow your town. Leave the game alone for a while, then return to pick up more rewards—and ideally more adorable felines. Don’t stress, just pet.

    Cats are Cute

    Create your own cute cat town!


Charge into battle

‣ Take control of heroes bristling with magical and medieval weaponry in Forged Fantasy. Run into combat to flatten mobs of adversaries, then use rewards to power up and earn new skills. If you’re tired of needling orcs with your archer’s arrows, switch control to your spell-casting healer or sword-slashing warrior. With options to directly control battle or sit back and watch, Forged Fantasy has a play style for every mood.

    Forged Fantasy

    Epic Fantasy Action RPG Game


Clash with colossal creatures

Rangers of Oblivion will gladly gobble up your idle hours. Equip gorgeously detailed weapons and armor, then hack and slash at hulking beasts. While powerful gear is important, so is your skill. Run, dodge, and attack at precisely the right moments to avoid getting whacked by some spiny behemoth’s tail. Learning this game’s intricacies will take time, but any excuse to explore more of this fascinating world is worth it.

    Rangers of Oblivion