5 New Games We Love

Ready for some fun? Play with dough, ditch the snow, and crush some cookies in these fresh hits.

Dough or die

You don’t know for sure who started the fight in the offbeat strategy game World War Doh, but one thing is certain: You’re here to finish it. Take down your opponent by deploying dinosaurs, cheerleaders, piranhas, and more in this strange doughy world. Tactically rich and laugh-out-loud funny, it’s bound to get a rise out of you.

    World War Doh: Real Time PvP

    Battle Arena & Card Clash!


Hit the road

In the charming, pixel-perfect Summer Catchers, you’re a tenacious little girl looking to escape the cold snow of winter for somewhere a little sunnier. Hop into your vehicle and tap power-ups to leap over obstacles, boost past punishing hills, and heal a few trees as you run missions for a motley crew of animal friends.

    Summer Catchers

    A Mystical Driving Adventure


Defeat treats

Buckle up—we’re hunting cookies! After a bizarre accident at the Cookies Must Die factory, your favorite baked goods have gone rogue. Save your coworkers—and the world—by flipping through the air, slowing down time, and blasting at the dastardly delights in slick action sequences.

    Cookies Must Die



Take aim

Toss billiards and mini-golf into a particle accelerator and what do you get? Ballistikk! In this zany, sporty mashup, drag and release to knock a ball into a score zone while collecting coins and avoiding dangerous terrain. You only get one shot per level, so make it count!


    Ball. Power. Accuracy. Master.


Spell it out

Every card you draw in Words Out counts. Build words one letter at a time, but make even one mistake and it’s game over. Need a little help? Deploy special cards to get do-overs and multiply point values.

    Words Out

    Test your vocabulary skills