A Beginner’s Guide to Screen Time

Ever wonder how much time you spend each day on your iPhone and iPad perusing social media, playing games, or getting work done? Now you can find out, down to the minute.

New for iOS 12, Screen Time is a set of tools that shows you which apps and websites you use and how long you use them. Parents can check how much time their kids are spending in apps and games too.

Get the stats

‣ You’ll find Screen Time in the Settings app. Turn the feature on to see how often you pick up your device, the number of notifications you receive, the total time you spend in each app, plus your usage across various app categories.

View a breakdown of your app activity by day or by week.

You can even have Screen Time tally your usage across your iPhone and iPad—they just need to be signed in to the same Apple ID.

Screen Time includes optional tools that let you set daily time limits on apps or block specific types of content—like R-rated movies or explicit songs.

Parents can turn on Family Sharing to see their children’s reports and set content and app limits. Just tap the Set Up Screen Time for Families button to add your child’s account.