Address Your Chronic Back Pain

Kaia’s mix of in-home therapy and personalized exercise may help.

Back Pain Exercises - Kaia

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If you suffer from chronic back pain, Kaia may just be the remedy you’re looking for.

Built around multimodal mind-body therapy techniques, Kaia isn’t just about teaching stretches. It’s a well-rounded, clinically tested app that might just change the way you view and manage pain. And like so many other apps, it was based on a very real need from its creator.

With Kaia, you can zero in on your specific type of back pain.

Kaia’s founder, Konstantin Mehl, suffered from back pain for two years before eventually being admitted to an exclusive pain-treatment center. “I did four weeks there, and I was amazed,” he says. “My pain level was reduced by 50 percent. And by continuing the exercises at home, I was pain-free after three months.”

Mehl’s experience was great, but he knew that pain-center wait lists can stretch for months or even years. So he got to work to make relief more accessible to others.

The app offers a wealth of physical therapy exercises.

“Together with the pain clinic, I digitized all of their content and therapy,” Mehl says. “They told us all of the exercises, and we made videos, audio guides, and textbooks.”

As such, Kaia can teach you about your pain’s causes and effects, and help you with breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxing tips, and coping techniques. But its physical therapy element truly grabbed the attention of the medical industry.

Kaia offers personalized exercises tailored to your specific back complaints. And it doesn’t stop there: The app also watches and tracks every exercise-based movement and offers insightful, real-time feedback. Adopt the wrong form and the app will guide you back into line with firm but fair directions; get things right and you’ll be audibly encouraged.

The app can track your movement—and help you adopt the proper form.

Mehl says there’s more to come: “We have so many ideas about how to make the interaction between device and patient even better. We want the app to offer you the maximum pain relief with the minimum time effort.”

    Back Pain Exercises - Kaia

    Most Popular Back Pain App