Mindsweeper: Puzzle Adventure


A genetic plague threatens mankind. A brilliant scientist holds the key to the cure, but she’s in a coma. Tensions are high, and the clock is ticking.

Naturally, the first thing you do in the mysterious puzzler Mindsweeper is fetch a thirsty fisherman a coconut cocktail.

The scientist’s memories take many forms, but no matter where you end up, you’ll find puzzles that need solving.

Weirdly enough, it’s a smart move! As a Mindsweeper, you explore the memories of the ailing doctor in hope of piecing together the antidote. The seemingly inconsequential interaction with the fisherman doesn’t just yield a tasty beverage—it also reveals a significant clue hidden deep within the doc’s subconscious.

The more you rummage through her thoughts, the more bizarre and increasingly complex the puzzles. Some require combining items to craft useful tools; in others you may need to rearrange numbers and symbols to bypass obstacles. Before closing out the intriguing adventure’s third chapter, you’ll have cracked a conundrum involving an empty baby carriage, a loyal canine, and an abandoned crime scene.

Explore fascinating environments—including a journey under the sea—as you search for clues.

Because the story unfolds within the scientist’s scattered mind, there’s no limit to the imaginative scenarios you’ll become immersed in. Whether repairing an old submarine beneath the sea or scouting a swanky party in a high-rise apartment, you’ll enjoy the fascinating scenes as much as the game’s absorbing central mystery.

Reach Mindsweeper’s thrilling conclusion and you’ll find yourself searching a secret mountaintop laboratory, scrambling to put the final pieces of the overarching puzzle in place. But first you’ll need to find that coconut.

    Mindsweeper: Puzzle Adventure