Battle for Glory

Vainglory’s epic MOBA is here to stay. Tap to find out why.




Since its 2014 debut, Vainglory has been a shining example of competitive play on mobile. Thanks to gameplay refinements, seasonal modes, and dozens of new heroes, Super Evil Megacorp’s beloved multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) has remained a mainstay for gamers.

Like most MOBAs, Vainglory places you on a quest to conquer the enemy’s base. You’ll need to communicate with your teammates, select characters with varied abilities, and outsmart your opponents. Along the way, unlock a quirky roster of characters—like a flowery, pet-commanding monster and a ferocious Churnwalker (who pulls rivals into danger using lethal hook tosses).

Who will win: the lethal warrior or an adorable, levitating cat?

Although Vainglory revolves around three-on-three (3v3) competitive play and 10- to 15-minute matches, other modes are designed to hone your skills. In Battle Royale, you’re assigned a random hero and locked in combat in a single lane, where you can practice with new characters in head-on conflicts. Blitz is even faster: Teams earn points by defeating targets and opponents. The winner is whichever team earns 15 points first—or the one with the higher score when the five-minute timer runs out.

And if you already know how to play but it’s been a while since you logged in, you’ll find tons of new content.

The game now supports in-game voice chat with teammates, onscreen joystick controls, and a new crafting system to earn skin. The roster has also grown over the years: You now have more than 40 playable heroes, each meticulously balanced and sporting distinct fighting styles.

Don’t you just love it when your Ally Is Getting Ridiculous?

Best of all, Vainglory now has an intense five-on-five (5v5) mode with a three-lane map and ample room for junglers like Alpha and Krul. Before you hop into these 25-minute matches, we suggest queuing in Solo Bots—an option where you fight alongside (and against) a team of A.I.-controlled players.

In no time, you’ll be wreaking havoc in the most thrilling mode in the entire game: Ranked 5v5. To rise to the top, you’ll need to change your strategy on the fly—often as soon as the enemy team has learned to counter it.

Are you ready to take on the world?




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