Be a Better Teammate

5 tips to lead you to victory in Arena of Valor.

Arena of Valor

A 5v5 MOBA Anywhere Anytime


At its core, Arena of Valor is a team game—one that distills every element of a good MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) for on-the-go play. Here are five essential tips for conquering through collaboration.

Tip 1: Choose wisely

Games are often won or lost long before you start slaying monsters and smashing towers. Victory requires creating the right team of five. With endless possible combinations of characters, research is required. So read up, get comfy with a few heroes in Training Camp mode, and don’t be that player—you know, the one who instantly locks a hero before everybody else has a chance to work out a strategy. If you’re already familiar with a few fighters, let your team pick first.

Good teammates pick last. Great teammates pick Love Sworn Arthur.

Tip 2: Stay alive

There’s more to the game than kills or assists—so keep an eye on your death count. Arena of Valor is all about momentum, and you’re of more value to your team with no kills or deaths than with three kills and six deaths. Every kill earns you gold and experience points, but don’t forget: The same applies to the enemy team. If you’re outnumbered, call for help. If you’re low on health, return to base or drop back and heal. Nothing can change the cold, hard math behind the game’s leveling system, and making a dramatic comeback is much harder than holding a well-earned lead.

Tip 3: Communicate

Arena of Valor gives you ample ways to collaborate—voice chat, text messages, map annotations, rally cries. You can even customize your quick-chat options in the settings menu to be ready with a canned response. See an enemy lurking in the bushes? Note it on the map with a quick tap. Think you’re ready to kill the Abyssal Dragon for some nice team XP and cash? Let your buddies know; your real friends are the ones who come to help.

Need help in a battle? Call it out.

Tip 4: Play your position

Like any good team sport, each hero has a part to play. Remember that character you picked? He’s got strengths and weaknesses. If you’re a ranged character like Violet, hang back, pick your shots, and watch the opposing team fall like dominoes. If you’re an initiator, wait until the team is ready before you charge in with an ill-timed Thane rush. Playing a position takes place both in and out of combat as well. Is there anybody watching the bottom lane? Are enemies ganging up on a friend who’s attempting to go solo? Work together and you’ll smash the competition.

Playing an assassin like Butterfly is all about getting in, doing damage, and getting out.

Tip 5: Never. Ever. Quit.

We’ve all been victim to a horrible game. Maybe your team just isn’t getting along, or you glance at the scoreboard and are behind by a dozen kills. It might be tempting to quit, but it’s not worth it. For starters, you get a weekly bonus for keeping a high reputation score (snazzy, huh?). In addition, computer-controlled A.I. heroes take your place if you leave, but they’re no match for real players, and a good team will focus fire on them instantly. If you’re having a bad game, keep communicating and play safe. We’ve seen some pretty epic comebacks—you never know when one might be just around the corner.

    Arena of Valor

    A 5v5 MOBA Anywhere Anytime