Be a Virtual Cat Owner

Indulge your inner kitten-lover with these fluffy games.

Ideal for anyone who can’t have a real cat but badly needs to hear a purr, these apps feature kitties that look and behave like the meowing majority. More than just frivolous fun, they’re a revealing glimpse into the psyches of our fluffy friends.

Too darn cute

It’s no surprise that Little Kitten, designed for kids, has fascinated adults too. Crumbs hooks us with wide-eyed stares, seeks out a good pat, then invites you to play. Get him to jump on the bed, play hide-and-seek, and leap into cat-and-mouse games with you. Paint on the easel with his pawprints, even mix up custom paint colors, and save your creations to your Photos. And don’t forget to feed him regularly! You’ll be rewarded when you hear the purring as your sleepy feline curls up for a snooze.

Something to try: Blow into the mic to see how the kitten’s fur reacts.

    Little Kitten -My Favorite Cat

    Award Winning Kids Pet Game!


One kitty is never enough

Neko Atsume lets you collect cats—as long as you cater to each one’s quirks.

First, go to the store to buy food and cat toys. Then bring your purchases to your yard and wait. Soon you’ll get visits from many different guests: Snowball, Lady Meow, and Tabby Cat are just three kittens of 96!

Each new guest gets a separate page in your Catbook, but can you collect the full set? Fittingly, some felines are fickle and require special treatment: Maybe they only play with balls of a certain color or only eat sashimi. This game doesn’t let you rest on your laurels—ignored cats will swish their tails and leave the yard in search of a more attentive owner.

Something to try: The more cats you attract, the more fish you’ll earn to spend on pet supplies, meow-toys, and improving the yard.

    Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector



Sometimes cats are grumpy

Are all cats cute? Not necessarily, and this game is proof. The original Grumpy Cat, born in Arizona, became an internet celebrity back in 2012 when her photo was posted on Reddit. Once she got noticed, she rapidly rose to celebrity status with millions of YouTube views. A slew of invitations to make commercials and memorabilia followed, turning that unforgettably grumpy face into a household meme.

Now Grumpy Cat’s Worst Game Ever has several ridiculous mini-games for you. Bop the mice on the head, catch the red dot, get the cat into the box, or jump from platform to platform. Completing tasks earns you gold coins, which you can spend on cat stickers to share with other Grumpy Cat–loving friends.

Something to try: The more cats you unlock, the more mini-games you can play.

    Grumpy Cat's Worst Game Ever

    Collection of awful mini games


Steals your heart

Despite your shabby, sparsely decorated apartment, you’ve taken in a cat. It has some needs, so you cheer up little fluffy with some pats and snacks, and a scrub in the bath. Pleased with itself and you, the cat goes for a walk and returns with...gifts to help you decorate. An alarm clock. A dream catcher. A vase. Where did all these things come from? KleptoCats offers some unexpected story turns as you take care of your pet.

Something to try: While your kitty is out on the prowl, tap the Play button to try a game that can net you some extra coins.


    Cute Cats... Am I Right?!?