Brick-Busting Greats

Some assembly required in these shape-shifting games.

You don’t have to be a toddler to love playing with blocks—you just need a few good games! From a genre-defining classic to a visit with a world-renowned physician, these blockbusters truly stack up.

The perfect fit

Tetris Blitz adds some serious speed to the groundbreaking puzzler. A two-minute time limit and wild power-ups like magnets, lasers, and bombs make multiplayer battles hectic and fun. Can you slide into the leaderboards?

Take your medicine

‣ An evil sickness is on the loose, and the only cure is Dr. Mario World. Join forces with Mario and fellow physicians like Peach, Bowser, and Luigi—each armed with their own bag of tricks—to match capsules with colored viruses. Unlike the original game, capsules now float up from the bottom of the screen, putting a unique twist on this medicinal puzzler.

    Dr. Mario World

    Match 3 puzzle versus viruses!


Ready for this jelly?

Pliq subverts expectations. Rather than maneuvering shapes to fill spaces in a wall, you’re replacing missing chunks of the wall before it reaches the bottom of the screen. Play it right to be rewarded with an awesome explosion of color, sound, and blobs of jiggly jelly.

    pliq: A Marvelous Puzzle Game

    Create and match jelly blocks!


Drop it like it’s block

‣ Puzzlers don’t have to be hectic. Drop Drop! is a soothing, minimalist matching game. Line up three or more colors (you can customize the palette) to make the bricks vanish in a satisfying pop. Drag, drop, repeat, and relax.

    Drop Drop!

    minimalist block puzzle game