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Learn how to make the best of the app’s multitasking possibilities.

Microsoft Word

Create, Edit & Share Documents


Were excited to announce that Microsoft Office 365 is now available on the Mac App Store—and your Office 365 subscription gives you full access to all features across any platform. To subscribe, just log in to any Microsoft Office app and upgrade.

Microsoft Word has been completely redesigned for iPhone and iPad, and there are two new features we love: real-time collaboration, which is now more powerful than ever, and draggable text and pictures.

Real-time collaboration

With the new version of Word, all changes to a coauthored document sync across multiple devices and platforms in seconds. When collaborators access a file, you’ll be able to see where they’re working and the revisions they’re making.

To create a shared document, launch the Word app, then tap the toolbar’s “invite people” icon (which looks like a person next to a plus sign). After saving your document to Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud or SharePoint coworking tool, you’ll be able to send a collaboration request via email.

An Office 365 subscription is required to create and edit documents if you’re on an iPad Pro. Those using an iPhone, iPad, or iPad mini just need a free Microsoft account. (You can sign up for both within the app.)

Keep everyone on the same page with Microsoft Word’s sharing capabilities.

Word also lets you collaborate on offline documents, with smart change-tracking and conflict alerts. The app displays a yellow message bar to alert you if you’re in danger of overwriting a change.

Drag and drop it

Taking advantage of iOS’s multitasking features, Word now offers full drag-and-drop support on iPad too. Drag a photo from Photos or Safari into your Word doc, bring text from Word into Excel, or even drop an entire Word file into a Messages chat thread or other apps like SharePoint.

You can even drag and drop your finished Word files from the OneDrive app into other apps like SharePoint or Messages to send them to others.

    Microsoft Word

    Create, Edit & Share Documents