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Looking for a special way to tell a story or share a memory? Create a digital book. The Pages app now makes it easy to put text, pictures, video, drawings, and even audio files into an interactive book that friends and family can read with the Apple Books app.

Get started

To begin, create a new document in Pages by tapping the plus icon, then swipe down to the Books templates, where you’ll find options for creating a novel, school report, storybook, and more. In this guide, we’ll use the Basic template.

A book gets judged by its cover, so take a moment to customize yours: Tap on the first page, then tap the Format icon (it looks like a paintbrush) in the upper right corner. Then select Background > Color to pick a new background color.

Then swap the images in the template with your own. Simply tap the plus icon on the placeholder image to choose a photo from your album, or use one stored in Files by tapping “Insert from...” at the bottom of the screen.

Now’s a good time to add the author’s name and title; you can edit any text you see on a page by tapping it. To add pages to your book, tap the plus icon in the bottom left corner and choose a layout.

Enhance your book

Interactive elements like image galleries, audio clips, and video make your digital book more engaging.

To add an image gallery, tap the plus icon in the upper right corner, then choose the media tab on the right and select “Image Gallery.” This gives you a frame to drop your images into. You can enlarge the size of your gallery by tapping and dragging the corner of the frame. (We went big with ours.) To add photos, tap the plus icon in the lower right corner. You can also add captions to your photos by double-tapping on the text below the photo.

We decided to give our page a bit more flair by adding a fun shape. To do this, tap the plus icon, then the shape tab (second from right) to see a library of over 700 shapes. To change its color, tap the paintbrush icon, then pick a new fill color.

We also recorded a short audio clip: Tap the plus icon, select the media tab, and choose “Record Audio.” Once you’re done recording and editing, place the audio file anywhere on the page.


    Documents that stand apart


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