Dreamlike Games for Sleepless Nights

Tap for slow-paced, touching stories to unwind with.

On nights when slumber eludes you, try getting lost in one of these dreamlike, slow-paced games. You might find their touching story lines and calming vibe to be more sleep-inducing than simply counting sheep.

A reimagining of the past

The End of the World is a game of heartbreak and healing. You play a man who has lost the love of his life, flitting between the lonely, difficult reality of his present and the warm memories of his past.

It may be tempting to dwell in yesterday, but as you explore the circumstances leading up to the breakup, you may also discover the key to moving on.

    The End of the World by Sean Wenham



Fleeting moments

Showa Candy Shop 2, set in Shōwa-era Japan, celebrates life’s sweet, simple pleasures. You play a kindly old woman who owns a small store on a quiet corner of town. As your shop fills with children seeking sweets and toys, you’ll collect letters and mementos to piece together a life rich with love and loss, laughter and tears. As the game makes abundantly clear, time flies. Slow down and savor the good times, or you might miss them.

    Showa Candy Shop 2



A journey of the soul

To the Moon explores how memories are more malleable than we might think. You play a doctor with a unique gift: the ability to alter memory and make the wishes of the dying come true.

One of your patients is in a coma and nearing his last breath. His final wish is to go to the moon. As you dig deeper into his psyche, a moving tale of joy and heartache unravels.

    To the Moon