Everyone Can Create

Unleash your creativity on iPad.

The Everyone Can Create collection gives you the tools you need to unleash your creativity—music, drawing, photography, and video—with iPad.

The collection includes four project guides with a range of activities for students (children and adults alike) to learn the techniques and vocabulary of their favorite medium. And a teacher guide is designed to provide ideas on how to integrate creative projects into the classroom.

The guides are now available for free on the Apple Books store. Here’s a closer look at what’s inside.


The video guide shows you how to not only capture better video but how to use it to express yourself, tell a story, or share ideas. The activities help you start thinking like a director by teaching you the moviemaking fundamentals: developing a storyboard, setting up shots, and using editing apps like iMovie and Clips. Packed with practical tips and sample videos, the guide lets you create everything from an effective mini-documentary to a short narrative film.


This guide will give you the skills—and the confidence—you need to start making your own music with GarageBand Touch Instruments on iPad. Learn the basics of song construction and how to use features like Live Loops and Beat Sequencer to start creating original compositions. The guide’s six chapters provide an easy, fun introduction to music creation, covering everything from beat-making and chord progressions to writing lyrics and mixing sound in postproduction.


The activities in this guide will help you develop the skills you need to express yourself through drawing. Beginning with the basics of doodling and sketching, each chapter helps you build your skills and tap into your inner artist using iPad and Apple Pencil. The guide introduces the fundamentals of drawing portraits, creating still-life compositions, even designing logos and infographics, all through a series of fun projects.


More than simply an introduction to photography, the photo guide helps you explore the power of the Camera and Photos apps and take advantage of features like Burst mode and Live Photos. The chapters include tips for creating great portraits, capturing action shots, and using a series of photos to tell a story. In addition to covering the basics of photo editing, you'll learn how to bring your photos into Pages and Keynote to make collages, slideshows, and digital photo books.


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