For the Tiny Scientists

Dive into Tinybop’s apps for budding biologists, physicists, and more.

How does a hurricane form? How do veins work? What’s a bat eat? Anyone who’s spent time with a 6-year-old has probably faced questions like these—and found themselves occasionally stumped.

Thankfully, Tinybop can help you sate the curiosity of your budding medic, engineer, or scientist. The Brooklyn developer has a suite of educational apps spanning a huge range of topics, from machine-building to the secrets of planet Earth.

Animal magic

Interact with the animations in Mammals to learn about elephants, kangaroos, tigers, bats, and sloths. See how running affects a kangaroo’s cardiovascular system, or watch the gestation of a baby elephant by tapping to make the fetus travel down the birth canal. Feed a tiger a hunk of meat and watch him digest it—or try giving him carrots. (Spoiler: He’s not a fan.)

    Mammals by Tinybop

    For all kids who love animals


Friendly anatomy

The Human Body lets kids study how their bodies work. Start with the immune system as a whole, for example, then look at a specific lymph node and see how white blood vessels attack a bacterium. You can even enable your device’s microphone to watch as the sounds around you enter the ear and trigger the auditory nerve.

    The Human Body by Tinybop

    Explore & learn anatomy.


Mysterious skies

Weather gives you the power to change weather patterns. Stir up a tornado or make thick clouds gather in the sky. Go miles aboveground and tap on an airplane as it hits turbulence to observe what happens. As in most Tinybop apps, it’s the lovely little touches that’ll pique kids’ interest and fuel their imaginations.

    Weather by Tinybop



Marvelous physics

Simple Machines gorgeous mini-games demonstrate how levers, pulleys, and other mechanical wonders work. To learn about incline planes, you’ll shoot small pinballs around the screen, angling the surfaces to keep the spheres airborne. And here’s your chance to see how fast you can go with various wheels—including square ones!

    Simple Machines by Tinybop